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“Zimmer in the making”: Female offshoot from German Kliemannsland?

We’ve known how useful and cool DIY is ever since we met the self-proclaimed DIY king Fynn Kliemann. But now FUNK is producing a new format: “Room in the making.” From the smallest decorative elements to large furniture. DIY- lovers get their money’s worth.

"Zimmer in the making": Female offshoot from German Kliemannsland?
© funk von ARD und ZDF Fotografen: Richtig Cool GmbH
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On the YouTube channel: “Room in the making” the presenters, Martina and Lena, show you every month at 4 pm how they design a room together with their guests. They start small and end with larger pieces of furniture.

This strongly community-based production is beginning to resemble the already widely known Kliemannsland. The only difference here is that they try to be more professional in their approach. Kliemannsland, on the other hand, still leaves a lot of room for maneuver as far as the accuracy of individual work projects is concerned. For example, we measure according to the “pi times thumb principle”. Here and there, projects are also allowed to fail.

©funk von ARD und ZDF – Stefan Behrens/ cineteam hannover

Real men work with steel, sweat and roar, and real machines. However, “Room in the making” seems quite girlish compared to Kliemannsland.

You will be shown examples of how you can design walls or how you can make something new out of something old. From decorative pillows to your own bedding, everything of course DIY. Just in the time, in which the topic “climate” is quite topical. From many old things you can easily create new things. The community can help decide which color to paint or which pattern to use on the wall.

© funk von ARD und ZDF – Richtig Cool GmbH.

In this format, everything is explained so that really everyone can do it at home. Quite simple and easy. No big building instructions. Long live the creativity of the time.

“Room in the making” is available on YouTube and 

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1 Comment

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