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Do-gooders, visionaries, creative minds, art lovers. All this applies very well to us, the Oderso Magazine team.

A network of different contributions and reports. Independent reporting. We do our best to provide reliable reporting.

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As Oderso Magazine, we have made it our mission to filter out the most interesting news, away from the mainstream and the whole flood of news. Our editorial focus is on art, film and lifestyle, packed with subliminal sarcasm, high-quality research and a lot of commitment.

With our way of putting the world’s happenings into words, we aim to sufficiently inform and educate our readers. Our ultimate goal, however, is for young people in particular to question our society, form their own opinions and confidently share them with the world.

Q&A – Questions& Answers

The official launch date was in January 2019, but in 2018 the foundation already started. With the help of various providers, it was determined which hoster was the right one and a milestone was set. Target groups and content determination were determined.

The first websites at that time still had names like: "x24tvnews" or "UndergroundMedia."

Before the name "ODERSO MAGAZINE" started to roll, there were other suggestions like: "Creative Network."

We serve the themes: Cinema, Art and Lifestyle. In the meantime, we have also added other categories from health to photography or travel to match our main themes. In order to expand the target group, the category "Crime" was added to the previous topics on 01.08.2022.

This question is difficult to answer. We trust your feedback and reviews in the first place. We only trust multiple sources when writing an article. Sure, mistakes happen, but we are always trying to avoid them and admit mistakes and improve them.

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