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War for clicks? TikTok creator for videos in Ukraine

War for clicks? TikTok creator for videos in Ukraine
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Just when you think you can’t go on, along comes TikTok. At some point, you think you’ve seen it all before, but as is often the case, you’re taught better.

The war in Ukraine has been going on since the end of February, and in mid to late March a young German woman had the glorious idea that she could use the situation for her own benefit and generate further coverage. This was probably the time when outsiders first became aware of Gigi, as she calls herself. Bad luck for her, but probably not all that bad for the world.

TikTok Creator Gigi – Who is that anyway?

Not much is known about Gigi, only that she grew up in a wealthy family and that she was always objectively well off. Gigi probably saw things a bit differently, though, because even at a young age she leaves the “path of reason” and seems, at least in the first videos, very bored with her life.

It was probably also during this time that she first got hold of addictive substances in some roundabout way and met her (then) boyfriend. He, in turn, was much older than Gigi, who was 16/17 years old at the time, maybe around 40, so like the Wendler, only in Germany. Not much more is really known, but her path to addiction and homelessness was quite rapid.

From 2020, things went even further to the extremes: Gigi, now 18 years old, met Heike, who was the same age. Right at their first meeting, the two are said to have consumed a higher dose of addictive substances together. At least that is what other addicts from the environment of the two report and there were videos on the social media platform TikTok with the two.

During the time the two were friends, they sat on the YouTube format “In the Bathroom” and answered questions and certain prejudices of society on the subject of homelessness.

In a telegram group, which in the course of time leaked to the public, a user writes:

” (…) on her social media accounts Giulia (Gigi) always embodies the poor homeless woman struggling on the streets with her friend Heike, the reality is different. Giulia maintains her standard of living through donations and money from her father and ex-boyfriend (…).”
© - TikTok-Creator Gigi

It is also clear from text messages of this kind that Heike is becoming increasingly distant from Gigi and, presumably still dependent, is falling into “a deep hole”. In November 2020, Heike commits suicide.

It cannot be proven that Gigi is responsible for Heike’s addiction or suicide and Heike would still be alive today if she had not met Gigi. But unfortunately Heike is not an “individual case” in Gigi’s environment.

A little later, Gigi again meets a young girl, this time 13 years old. Gigi also records this meeting via TikTok. Together with the young girl, Gigi consumes addictive substances in a public toilet. While Gigi’s body is probably more or less used to it by now, the young girl feels worse and worse afterwards, and a short time later she faints.

Instead of helping, calling an ambulance or anything else, Gigi photographs and films the unconscious girl and uploads the videos to TikTok, but takes them off the platform a little later. When Gigi then probably realizes that the girl is really in bad shape, she takes off and leaves the unconscious girl alone.

Luckily” the girl was lying on a public toilet and could be found and brought to a hospital. At first there was still hope that she would make it, but a few days later she died of an overdose in the hospital. As a result, Gigi was charged with involuntary manslaughter (§ 222 StGB). However, the investigation was later dropped because Gigi could not be proven to have administered the addictive substances to the young girl.

Gigi herself later says in a Telegram group, after she is even accused of murder by other users, that she is responsible for this death. A little later, she contradicts her own statement by claiming that the young girl is still alive and that she has proof of this. However, the said evidence never followed.

Another death in Gigi’s environment

A little later, Gigi picks up 18-year-old Vasi, presumably a friend, after a hospital stay, and they allegedly go to Frankfurt’s main train station together to shoot videos. Perhaps they are already consuming addictive substances there, too, but it’s unclear.

Later that day, the two reportedly went to a hotel together, most likely consuming addictive substances, as Vasi suffered an overdose that night and did not wake up the next morning.

Gigi reportedly took the videos she had previously filmed at the train station off the platform after this incident to make it look like she and Vasi had gone straight to the hotel after being picked up at the hospital.

There are many more accusations and similar incidents in Gigi’s environment in the Telegram group, but it would take too long to go into all of them. At some point it became a little quieter around Gigi. When she wasn’t on the street, she liked to hang pictures of serial killers on her closet at home (probably at her parents’ house) or light candles for the American spree killer Dylan Klebold. Strange person.

War for TikTok

The icing on the cake that Gigi put on her story followed in March of this year. This part came to light mainly through a report from “InfraRot – Sicht ins Dunkel”. During this report, Gigi, a young German TikTok creator from Germany, is seen wondering what exactly she is doing there. To the reporter, she states that she studied in Ukraine and now has to flee. Minor spoiler: Gigi is not a student in Ukraine.

As the reporters found out, Gigi voluntarily traveled to Ukraine with a friend to shoot videos for TikTok. Also, her videos prove that she was in Berlin just a few days before and had been in Ukraine only for a short time, not at all before/ since the beginning of the war on February 24, 2022. Also, the reporters from InfraRot state that it was not them who approached Gigi, but Gigi came up to them and told them about herself.

During a confrontation, which was subsequently initiated by the team of the reportage, Gigi quickly gets entangled in contradictions and takes refuge in general statements and more or less puts the whole thing in the shoes of her haters and the “blame” away from herself.

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