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After the attack in Hanau: This is how YouTube deals with hate comments

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Only now is the fire coming back into the wound. The attack in Hanau has really led to a discussion about how YouTube deals with hate comments.

In addition to videos expressing freedom of expression, there is also forbidden content there, such as videos spreading violence and hate-filled comments. According to YouTube, the algorithm has already improved and efforts are being made to improve the artificial intelligence that is supposed to detect such incidents.

In the second quarter of 2019, a good 9 million videos, 537 comments and 4 million channels were deleted, it said. Of these, Artificial Intelligence deleted 9 out of 10 automatically. This seems to be a complete success so far, considering the mass that is uploaded every minute.

In addition, YouTube, which is part of the Google Group, has around 10,000 people working to detect dangerous content and content that violates the guidelines.



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