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These 5 movie mysteries are still not solved!

We encounter mysteries not only in the real world, but also in film. To this day, there are numerous movie mysteries that have yet to be solved.

5 movie mysteries are still not solved!
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Not only in the real world, but also in the movies, one encounters great mysteries. The “Back to the Future” mystery has now finally been solved after 35 years by a simple tweet. But there are other great movie mysteries that need to be solved. But this is not always possible with a tweet!

With the following films, even experts have been racking their brains for years:

Unsolved Movie Mysteries:

1. Is it falling, or is it holding? (“Inception”, 2010)

In the summer, the Christopher Nolan head nut celebrates its 10th anniversary. With this film, the open ending is still a single question mark to this day!

When Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb spins the top, the picture goes black at the exact moment it appears to tip. Now we only know at the moment when the spinning top falls that what is happening is real. Or is it all just a dream after all?

In 2015, director Christopher Nolan faced this question while speaking at Princeton University, saying, “Cobb was back with his kids, he was in his own subjective reality. He didn’t really care anymore, and that’s the point: possibly all levels of reality are equal:” Even after this answer, we are no smarter than we were before. Until today, this mystery is not clarified!

2. Is Rick Deckard a machine? (“Blade Runner”, 1982)

In the cyberpunk classic “Blade Runner”, machines that look exactly like humans live among the Earth’s population. Harrison Ford played the detective Rick Deckard, who has the mission to eliminate the so-called replicants.

But after the movie, the question inevitably arises whether Rick Deckard might not be a replicant himself. For 35 years, this mystery tormented fans until 2017, when the masterful sequel hit theaters. But contrary to all expectations, the film did not give a clear answer to this mystery. Ultimately, it remains a matter of interpretation and will probably never be clearly resolved!

3. Where does the joker come from?
(“The Dark Knight”, 2008)

Heath Ledger put his stamp on the most famous comic book villain, declaring war on Batman as the anarchic Joker in The Dark Knight. But this Christopher Nolan film also challenges its audience.

That the Joker’s backstory remains completely uncertain, however, is more due to the original. The Joker has always been a mystery in the Batman universe. But where does he come from? How did he become this way? Where did he get all his scars? – All of these are unanswered, unresolved questions. A mystery in itself.

In 1988, comic veteran Alan Moore investigated this mystery and devoted himself to the origin of the Joker in the legendary book “The Killing Joke”. The latest film, “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix, is also inspired by this.

4. Who shot first?
(“Star Wars”, 1977)

Among “Star Wars” fans, this question is considered to be the “Gretchen” question. It even caused mastermind George Lucas an angry crowd of fans when he apparently answered it wrong.

The background: in the 1977 original theatrical version of “Episode 4: A New Hope,” Harrison Ford’s cult smuggler Han Solo shoots his colleague Greedo in cold blood on his very first appearance.

However, 20 years later, “Star Wars” creator Lucas revised the scene and had Greedo open fire first instead. For the bad boy character of Han Solo, as well as for the fans, an imposition!

Since then, this scene has been adjusted several times, and the question of who shoots first has been raised again and again!

The latest update: In Disney + apparently both shoot at each other at the same time.

5. Who is the father?
(“The Departed” , 2006)

In “The Departed”, an undercover investigator and a mafia spy engage in a constant game of cat-and-mouse, and the viewer can barely catch his breath with the tension. The end of the film, however, literally punches you in the stomach. Also because Vera Farmiga’s character is pregnant. The only question is: who is the father?

Both male characters were in bed with her, both could be the father of the unborn child. To this day, it is not clear who is actually the father. However, the clues converge on Costigan, the undercover investigator, since an impotence is implied in the spy Damon in the film. However, there is no clarity about this until today.

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