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Cosplay Entertainment Austria – The superheroes of our time help sick children!

Superheroes from popular movies and series are all familiar to us, whether from the well-known Marvel Studios, or the DC universe. All superheroes always have one goal: “To want to help!” – But there is a group of costumed heroes in reality and they go on a big mission.

The superheroes of our time: When children need help
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“Superheroes stand up for people, and quite often for all of humanity. Superheroes are protectors of society and fight threats directed against people as a whole community.”

An association in Wiener Neustadt currently has 25 costumed members who dress up as superheroes and go into battle against a good cause. They can’t turn little patients into superheroes, but they can give them hope and put a smile on these children’s faces. In total, the club’s membership has grown to 40 members. At the current time, they are helping little Lina and little Kitty along with her family.

Little Lina is eight years old, from Carinthia and seriously ill with a diagnosis of “bone cancer.” Currently, Lina has been treated four times at MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt and now needs a special therapy, which she would only get in the USA, as there are several promising options there. This costs a lot of money, which is why superheroes from the comic world (including Thor, the God of Thunder) have joined forces to raise money for her treatment and thus be able to support the little girl.

Helping is what they really want to do, and that makes them real superheroes

Cosplay Entertainment Austria is the brainchild of Michael Bäcker, originally from Bad Erlach, Austria. He is the first chairman of the association and was instrumental in setting up Cosplay Entertainment Austria in Wiener Neustadt,. The association has one big goal: to put a smile on the face of every sick child, not only to finance Lina’s medical treatment, but also to raise funds for many other children, and successfully so.

Superheroes from famous movies and series are all familiar to us, whether from the well-known Marvel Studios, or the DC Universe. All superheroes always have one goal: “To help!” – But there is a group of costumed heroes in reality and they go on a big mission.

„No money in the world can buy a second of time.“

Tony Stark, „Avengers: Endgame“

When Mr. Bäcker was small, he and his father took care of disadvantaged children in Hungary. This led him to quickly learn to do the right thing and get involved socially. His girlfriend was also into superheroes, which was her favorite hobby. Furthermore, the two regularly attended various “comic conventions” so the two quickly fell into place and what was supposed to be a hobby became a new vocation.

Today, as Cosplay Entertainment Austria, the two have one big goal: to give children hope and to achieve something, and this without superpowers, but with a lot of diligence and arrangement.

For an annual fee of 50€ you can become a superhero and support the association.

Cosplay Entertainment offers entertainment and cosplay services, which is why you can also book them for children’s birthday parties.

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