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“The Perfect Secret” – A German Feature Film

"The Perfect Secret" - A German Feature Film
   Reading time: 6 Minutes

7 friends, 7 secrets, one dinner, one game. This is what the German comedy film by director and book author Bora Dagtekin, produced by “Constantin Film Produktion”, is about. The film premiered on October 31, 2019, so unfortunately it will not be in theaters now. Nevertheless, we do not want to deprive you of this film in any case!

Everyone has their secrets. Some are shared with others, while others are better kept to themselves. For a long time this will work well. But what if the friends get the idea to play a game together, which puts the trust in each other to the absolute test?

Exactly that’s what the new film “The Perfect Secret” is about. Seven
friends put their trust in each other to the test with the help of a simple game.
their trust in each other with the help of a simple game.
turns out that each has something distinctive to hide. During
the game, the friends uncover one intrigue after another…
…which, as expected, leads to a lot of quarrels and discussions.

The rules of the game? During dinner, all incoming and outgoing messages, pictures, videos, voice recordings or calls are revealed to everyone present.

The cast:

Herfurth – Carlotta
M’Barek – Leo Keshwari
David Fitz – Pepe Deneke
Haase – Bianca
Lau – Simon
Black – Eva Koch
Wilke Möhring – Rocco Koch
Kusche – Sophie Koch
Altaras – Leo’s mother

The plot:

The Koch couple invites their friends to a dinner to spend a nice time together again. to spend some quality time together. Beforehand, however, Eva Koch gets into an argument with daughter Sophie after she finds condoms in her bag (the horror for every mother). in her bag (the horror for every mother). The father is supposed to mediate between the pubescent teenager and the and the controlling mother…but he has completely different problems problems, since he has been receiving very revealing pictures of his affair and has to keep them secret from his wife. The
The dispute is still unresolved when the first guests arrive.

At the beginning you see Carlotta and Leo Keshwari. The two are in the midst of their very own life crisis. After the birth of their twins, Carlotta
Carlotta wanted to return to her advertising agency, so Leo gave up his career Leo gave up his career for her and the children. With his role as househusband and full-time father, however, overwhelms him. Carlotta, on the other hand has a very distanced relationship with her children, precisely due to her full-time job.

Bianca and Simon, on the other hand, who arrive shortly are freshly in love and strive to maintain a trusting relationship with each other. Trusting relationship with each other, not wanting to do anything wrong with each other. do anything wrong with each other. Bianca is the youngest of the group, which is why she often feels ridiculed by the others.

The last to arrive is the high school teacher Pepe Deneke arrives, but without his sick girlfriend Anne. The round is complete and the dinner can begin.

Over bad food and lots of wine, which becomes very important for one or the other of the friends in the course of the evening, they begin to philosophize about the subject of “honesty”. Based on this discussion, Eva proposes a game (see beginning), to which the women quickly and enthusiastically agree, the men only very hesitantly. After all, secrets might come to light.

The actually harmless game between friends, however, develops quite quickly into an éclat.

We don’t want to give too much away, otherwise you don’t need to watch the film, but this much can be spoilers: During the game, the deepest secrets of each individual
secrets of each of them come to light and cause a lot of drama and
and relationship crises.

The film ends with the male faction of the evening going on a journey together as Rocco throws himself into the Isar River to destroy the evidence.

The Criticism:

What is particularly striking about this film is the digital criticism, which is always present but well hidden. We don’t entrust our deepest secrets to our friends, no…. we entrust them to our smartphones.

It is also striking that the with increasing alcohol consumption, the secrets are also becoming more and more secrets become more and more explosive, which is debatable… The plot drags on at the beginning of the game, until the secrets finally become Secrets finally become interesting for the audience.

But, what does the general film audience say about it?

In school grades, this movie would get an even 2. Just based on this rating, it’s worth watching the movie after all, as soon as it’s available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BlueRay and DVD! At least we think so!

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