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The new edition of “Berlin, Berlin!”

Big city life and emotional chaos – that’s Lolle’s life! 15 years after the series, now on the big screen!

The new edition of "Berlin, Berlin!"
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It’s been 15 years since the last episode of “Berlin, Berlin!” flickered across the TV screen. Now the series is getting a new edition, but not on TV, but on the big screen. 

The series was about the very tricky love life of the protagonist Lolle. Here a steady relationship with Sven, her second cousin, after that didn’t work out an affair, and finally a relationship with Sven’s best friend Hart.  That was, very roughly and very superficially, the content of the series “Berlin, Berlin”. The film picks up directly where it left off. It does not retell the series, but continues it! 

Theatrical release is March 19, 2020 and lasts a pleasant 95 minutes.

The plot

After all the relationship chaos of the last few years, Lolle and her longtime boyfriend Hart decide to get married. Of course, Sven, Lolle’s ex-boyfriend and Hart’s best friend, is also invited. Chaos is inevitable! And of course it comes as it must in Lolle’s complicated life. Lolle and Hart do indeed walk down the aisle, but suddenly Sven proposes to her in front of all the guests present.

Lolle is completely overwhelmed and desperate, so she flees and rushes off. She moves all over Berlin to avoid having to face the matter. But her journey quickly ends when she ends up in court and is sentenced to 40 hours of community service in a Berlin school. 

Things continue just as chaotic there. She meets Dana, the janitor, who also has various male problems. Maybe that’s why the two get along so well from the start. The quickly formed friendship also goes beyond work. One day, the two go out drinking together, but overdo it quite a bit and mysteriously wake up the next morning in the Harz Mountains.

Now begins their chaotic journey back to Berlin, which both women will probably not forget so quickly. Because on this trip, the chaos really begins!

The cast

– Felicitas Woll: Lolle

– Matthias Klimsa: Hart

– Jan Sosniok: Sven

– Janina Uhse: Dana

– Regisseurin: Franziska Meyer-Price

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