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The impact and role of music

   Reading time: 3 Minutes

Music, much more than just a nice pastime! 

Whether balm for the soul, or an important factor in the mental and social development of a child, music plays an important role early in the life of every person, because it mobilizes the brain and produces happiness hormones. 

Music will therefore not only play a role in the everyday life of every person, but also in medicine and research! Because of its effects, it has long been used by doctors as a therapeutic tool!

The effect of music

Music changes a person’s heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rate, and muscle tension, just as it greatly affects hormone balance! Organs also react to music, in the human body especially the adrenal gland and the pituitary gland (A pituitary gland). 

Each type of music releases different hormones in the body:

Fast and aggressive music: adrenaline

Calm and gentle music: noradrenaline

While the effect of adrenaline is known to most, norepinephrine may still be a foreign word to many. Norepinephrine can reduce the release of stress hormones and increase the concentration of the pain-controlling beta-endorphins, which suggests that music can actually dull pain!

Because of its effect it is used therefore in most diverse ranges of the medicine as therapeutic means. Whether in psychiatry, pain therapy, stroke patients or in geriatrics, hardly anyone doubts the positive effect of music today. Because music is also important for the brain, as it promotes performance and can slow down memory loss!

The role of music

Scientists once put forward the thesis that you can determine the character of each person by the music he likes to listen to regularly. Thus, as an example, fans of rock music are said to be particularly intelligent and insightful. 

British researchers and scientists also found out that many young people today often listen to loud and aggressive music, such as metal or even rock, from which they conclude that these young people are good to very good pupils and students. And this is because of their character and diligence, which can be seen from their taste in music. 

Music has probably been around as long as man has existed on this earth, and it has always played a major role in the lives of individuals and in society. 

Workers sang to themselves to ease the heavy physical labor.

Music was used to worship and praise gods, to deliver important messages to the people and to express emotions. 

All these things still play an important role in any society today! 

Whether you listen to music after a hard day’s work to relax, or whether it accompanies you in everyday things. For example, I always listen to music when I research and write new articles, I can concentrate much better with music than without! But music can also be heard at any celebration or event!

So it has taken a relaxing, entertaining and celebratory role in our society over the centuries!

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1 Comment

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