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The future of art

Many predictions can already be made for the future. But how does that look in relation to art? What will remain from today, what will possibly disappear?

The future of art
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Art has been a part of humanity and history since the beginning of time. But what will it be like in the future, when digitalization reaches its peak, the world becomes even more networked and life takes place online? Does art, as we know it now, have a place there at all and thus a future? Is it ultimately the case that we will only be able to see art with VR headsets?

Works of art are a constant part of our lives, always have been, and always will be, whether 3D or analog, in public or in private. At least that’s what the experts who have been studying the future of art for some time now say. And they see quite an expansion of art, even as we know it today. Things that are small but commonplace today will become bigger and more important!

The question many are asking, however, is how digital art will become, what role it will take on in society, and what role museums and artists will play in the future. There are no real answers to this, only predictions and speculations. But they give hope to all art lovers!

Many established artists are already thinking towards the future and using VR for themselves, but until today the ignorance in this field is quite high. With “Radiance VR”, Tina Sauerländer therefore makes VR art more discoverable and accessible, so that many more people can get involved with the topic right now. 

Presumably, the art of the future will not only be more digital than now and in the past, but also much more globalized!

But what about the places where we can admire art today? 

The role of galleries, as an example, has become much easier to access art, for larger segments of society, over the years due to the growing international art audience. And if the experts are to be believed, this growth and role will not stop in the future, and galleries will play an ever greater role!

Art fairs are also becoming increasingly important in today’s world, especially for young gallery owners, who will play a decisive role in the future, but still have to establish themselves! The logical conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the young gallery owners who can establish themselves today will significantly shape the future of art!

Paradox is: The more global the art world is, the more regional galleries and art fairs become! Because these already ensure in the individual regions that the art world grows and is thus prepared for the future! With success, because the number of events and fairs is increasing rapidly and will continue to increase in the future.

The art world is becoming extremely social, many people in the field love event experiences, which means that fairs are always well attended, now and in the future! But not only that: art fairs offer a remarkable concentration of contact opportunities!

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