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“Taskrabbit” – Powered by IKEA

"Taskrabbit" - Powered by IKEA
   Reading time: 2 Minutes

Everyone is now familiar with Pinterest and Tumblr. These two apps provide inspiration and the opportunity to realize your own dreams within your own four walls. Soon, a new app could join them. The “Taskrabbit” app from Ikea.

Eternal leafing, searching for the right page, looking for the right screws in the hustle and bustle and wondering whether they are the right ones. Will this soon come to an end? Unfortunately no, but there is other good news. We will soon no longer have to assemble IKEA closets on our own, which will at least save 2 hours of our valuable time.

IKEA has developed an app, you could call it a digital marketplace, to connect DIYers in the immediate area. We are now to be given the opportunity to look for help from the surrounding area for every project, for every job that needs to be done.

Free of charge? No, unfortunately not. But the app gives us the opportunity to earn a few euros on the side with a little manual work. If you need help, you can hire so-called “taskers,” helpers from the surrounding area. Provided, of course, you’re willing to pay at least 11€ per hour for him/her, because that’s the “minimum wage” on Taskrabbit.

You want to help and prove your craftsmanship to everyone? Then become a Tasker! You can set your own hourly wage, starting at 11€!

However, before people reach for their smartphones to download the app, here’s a short enthusiasm damper: For now, the app is only launching in Berlin and the Rhine-Ruhr area. It may be a while before it reaches us here in Saxony, but as we all know, anticipation is the best joy!

Small info at the edge: This is no paid advertisement, also no unpaid. We, from Oderso.Magazin, just find the idea super and consider it extremely useful. We are big fans of DIY ourselves and try out new ideas here and there. “Taskrabbit” from IKEA can be a help there!

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