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STRGHORSTENTF – A sign that German politics is failing?

STRGHORSTENTF - A sign that German politics is failing?
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Time and again, he speaks out on issues in the media, using his political power in Germany to speak out against certain population groups or interest groups. Time and again, he earns fierce criticism for this, and also faces more and more headwind at the political level. Horst Seehofer – The controversial, and in the younger generation unpopular, Minister of the Interior of Germany expresses itself negatively also in the last days, again to a topic of which he apparently has no idea.

#STRGHORSTENTF – What is the important information on this topic?

October 9, 2019, actually the day the Berlin Wall fell…This year overshadowed by the attack in Halle(Saale), Germany.

Important German politicians commented on the events in the hours after the attack, among them the Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer, but his statements remained in everyone’s memory…He wants to target the German gaming scene more strongly from now on, to monitor it properly, in order to prevent another attack.

The indignation in the Gamingszene is, as expected, great. People now feel restricted in their own self-determination, can no longer decide for themselves, what is good and what is not, and once again the blame is put on them.

The reason for this decision, which Seehofer now wants to
wants to push through? The lone perpetrator from Halle published his
live on Twitch, the streaming platform for gamers.

Last Friday, Germany’s probably best-known satirist Jan Böhmermann reacted to the remarks of our interior minister in his show “NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE” with the #STRGHORSTENTF, met with great enthusiasm in the social networks. In the few days, the hashtag spread across social media, becoming a symbol of protest against Horst Seehofer and German politics.

STRGHORSTENTF – A symbolic call for the resignation of the controversial interior minister. For many, his policies, his attitudes and his statements are no longer tolerable, and right now the cry of indignation is becoming increasingly unmistakable. But as so often, this cry seems to be overheard in politics, Horst Seehofer feels misunderstood and may continue to remain our interior minister – discontent in the population is pre-programmed there.

A German rap musician who produces music for all gamers.

Our level: wife swapping” (Youtube: Execute, We are to blame (reupload), 12/14/2018, is just one of the many prejudices against gamers. Prejudices, created and spread by people who have no idea about gaming, or personally know gamers. All this serves the purpose of spreading as much negative as possible to be able to recognize a scapegoat in gamers. Unfortunately with great effect, the prejudices arrive. Gamers are always in the general criticism, are downright hostile. After the attack in Halle, however, the gamers reached a great wave of solidarity, those who were previously often critical of gamers are now, after Horst Seehofer’s statements, on their side. Progress?

A decline in the rejection of gaming? After all, gaming is just as educational a hobby as reading books.

“Turkey wants to ban Minecraft?” (YouTube: Execute, We are to blame (reupload), 12/14/2018, – Is Germany following suit? Is this our future and that of German gamers?

Horst Seehofer wants to control the gaming scene, but where are his limits, how far would he go? Can German politics allow people to be restricted in their personal freedom against the German constitution? Germany – a country of freedom, openness and tolerance? Or rather…Germany – characterized by prejudice, control and restriction?

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