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Instagram: Streetart Leipzig Picture talks exclusively about Graffiti

We conduct an interview with the Instagram account “Streetart Leipzig Picture” and ask directly what interests him about graffiti.

Graffiti - Streetart Leipzig Picture im Interview
   Reading time: 4 Minutes

Let’s start the article with the following words. Nowadays, people don’t bomb with napalm, but with paint. The Instagram page Streetart_Leipzig_Picture deals with the graffiti scene in Leipzig. Graffiti has been around for over 40 years and people have become accustomed to the fact that this art is part of the cityscape. Let’s be honest, then graffiti is damage to property, but that’s not what this article is about, because we want to consider graffiti as art neutral.

But to reassure one or the other, there are also the possibilities of legal graffiti that brings the whole scene in a green light. On the one hand, there are workshops in prison and for refugees, which is well received by the media and let’s put it this way, art connects. Illegal graffiti but still has more appeal in the scene, that could almost sound romantic, but that’s exactly how you know it but and exactly how the scene started.

We have once talked exclusively with street art. The most important of all questions were:

How did you find a love for graffiti?

Started in November 2017, he says graffiti is a passion for him, he thinks it’s like a culture, either you love it or you hate it. You can let your thoughts run free, music on, world off and pen in hand, that’s his motto.

Did you have a role model from the start?

His role model is Banksy. Despite all this, he decided to create his own style. He still found Banksy’s images impressive.

What is your position on the illegality of the whole scene or are you in favor of legality?

Sprayers who call simple tags to light, these smear the walls for no reason and it does not look very nice. In addition, he thinks that sprayers who throw artistic images on the wall should get more legal opportunities. In short, he is for more legality, more development for the art is desired.

How do you get inspired for your drawings? Where do the ideas for new pictures come from?

Inspire him do other graffiti in the city as he thinks when he runs through it and is once again hunting for pictures. In addition, other artists inspire him when he exchanges with these. He also gets ideas from tattoo artists and from the net. The Instagram page is slowly growing, there are also times some commissioned drawings added.

How did you come to share the images with the world?

He would like to make the world a little more beautiful for people with little things. Quite romantically, he says: “The paper is not worth much and you can make other people happy with the little things. – would like to inspire others, that you should never give up, you have to believe in yourself and stay tuned. This is what he means for all artists. The secret, he says: “be with love, then it will be something“.

Will you stick with paper or do you plan to spray a wall at some point?

Quite cool, he says that he prefers to stick to the good old pen and paper. On the can, he says that he has no talent. A can is not the same as a pen, because you have to be more delicate with a can.

Where do you see yourself in a few years, fully as an artist?

Wants to continue working on himself to become better. He also wants to become a role model for other artists. Wants to prove that if you believe in yourself you can achieve something in life.

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