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Spider-Man: House ban for the popular spider from the MCU

Spider-Man: House ban for the popular spider from the MCU
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Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes and has thrilled young and old for years. He is an important element of the MCU and already fought together with the Avengers against Thanos. Despite all the popularity, the movies with lead actor Tom Holland are not available on Disney+. Other Spider-Man flicks are also not available on the channel. One could think that Spider-Man has been banned from the Disney video-on-demand service.

Why is Spider-Man banned?

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) currently comprises 29 films. They ran from 2008 in theaters and attracted many visitors in the spell. The films range from “Spider-Man: No Way home” to “Iron Man“. MCU fans get their money’s worth on the Disney Channel. Almost all films of the superhero saga can be streamed for free. Missing are the three current Spider-Man episodes with actor Tom Holland, even though they are part of the MCU.

Marvel was already taken over by Disney in 2009. The reason for the absence of the superhero can be found in the film rights. These are still held by Sony today. In the theatrical release, the rights were part of the deal between the two companies. To date, it is also not 100% clear whether the popular actor will continue to be seen as a superhero.

Agreements between Marvel and Disney+

For a while, comic book publisher Marvel wasn’t doing very well financially. For them, it was a blessing when the MCU improved revenues. The company was doing so badly that even the movie rights for many well-known heroes were sold. Among these heroes was Spider-Man. The film rights were held by Sony.

It was indeed planned by Sony and Marvel already in 2015 a cooperation, which also concerned the Spider-Man films of Tom Holland, but this was limited only to the feature films. Spider-Man was banned from Disney, but the films can be streamed via the various streaming services Joyn+, Sky, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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