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Rescue Animals: This YouTube channel mistreats animals for clicks

The YouTube channel “Rescue Animals” posts apparent animal rescues. But what is really behind it?

rescue animals - Youtube
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You can often find videos, especially on YouTube, where small, cute animals are rescued. The channel “Rescue Animals” is also one of them. The question that many have asked themselves is whether these animal rescues really happened that way. After all, when an animal is rescued, who first of all picks up the cell phone to film the rescue instead of helping the injured animal?

What is Rescue Animals?

“Rescue Animals” is a YouTube channel that uploads various animal rescue videos. In most cases, these are small cats, sometimes very small kittens, that were “accidentally” found on the street and then rescued.

The curious thing is that they are always pedigree cats that do not look bad in any way. They are neither malnourished, nor dirty. However, this is only one thing. The other, however, is that the person who rescues these small defenseless animals is in most cases alone.

From this the following fact can be concluded: The person who “rescues” this animal first reaches for the cell phone to film the rescue before the helpless animal is really helped.

As you can see in this sample video, this little kitten is stuck in a rusted iron pipe. The man who “accidentally found” this cat is alone. But before he rescues the cat, he pulls out his cell phone and films the poor animal from all sides so that everyone can see that this kitten is really stuck.

What’s really behind these animal rescues?

It’s simple: abuse and mistreatment to gain more clicks and reach.

We came across this channel through a video of the channel “offen un’ ehrlich” and afterwards we took a closer look at this channel, as well as the videos themselves.

offen un’ ehrlich” has found out that these animals, at least in the example video, are brought before intentionally into this helpless situation. And that is nothing else, than animal abuse! Animal abuse that is disguised and used for a “good purpose”. These animals are mistreated without anyone noticing. Because how gladly one would believe that these small animals were really helped.

If one looks at these videos without knowing the, partly cruel, backgrounds, one recognizes nothing that points to a possible animal abuse. Moreover, since no abuse is shown in front of the camera, you can hardly do anything about it, except to report on it and know better. Because, as is so often the case, not everything is as it seems.

Reach through passive animal abuse

The question is also, why are such terrible things done to the little animals?

The answer: To get reach and clicks. And with great success! Each of these videos, which can be found on the channel “Rescue Animals”, has several thousand, if not millions, clicks. What’s more, such videos are likely to be shared en masse on the web.

For many of these videos probably the small animals, which can nothing for it into the hands of such people to have fallen, must suffer. Animals are exposed to relentless torture, which they then have to endure just for a video.

The videos are supposed to represent animal rescues, but probably after these videos the animal should really be rescued then. No animal deserves to be treated in such a way and to realize that you don’t have to be a vegetarian!

So here’s what we can conclude:

  • In this channel, animals are mistreated behind the camera and then “rescued” in front of the camera.
  • Filming the injured animal is more important to those than rescuing the animal
  • Agony and pain are gladly accepted for more clicks and followers
  • The animal abuse is cleverly disguised so that the videos cannot be blocked by the platform
  • If you are a non-suspect and do not look closely at it, you can not recognize any mistreatment

But the pain inflicted on the animals by the video idea is not the only one. As if that wasn’t bad enough. The YouTube channel “offen un’ ehrlich” investigates more closely where the cat from the iron pipe really comes from, in the process they uncover other things.

For example, the person who “rescues” the cat probably comes from Eastern Europe, but the cat comes from Russia. This means that the cat first had to travel a long, arduous journey in a transporter, and then had to endure further pain.

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