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Pastewka – series ends with season 10

Pastewka - series ends with season 10
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Amazon would have liked to extend the series, but Bastian Pastewka wanted to finish with the project after all these years.

“I’m ruling out everything that has to do with ‘Pastewka.’ Now and today and here I say: that’s it. Because our end is so beautiful that we don’t need a beginning after that.” (Quelle:

Season plot

In episode 1, Bastian and his ex-girlfriend Anne return home after a year-long trip to Africa and encounter chaos among family and friends.

Again and again, Pastewka is humorously confronted with challenges that he must solve in his own way. For example, his half-brother Hagen no longer lives with his family, his niece has a questionable fiancé and he has to get his car out of the parking garage somehow.

The viewer can expect a lot of chaos, disasters, embarrassments and even more insiders from the last seasons. Also, all the chaos of the past nine seasons of the series is once again addressed.


Bastian Pastewka – Bastian Pastewka

Sonsee Neu – Annemarie Seifert

Bettina Lamprecht – Svenja Bruck

Matthias Matschke – Hagen Pastewka

Cristina do Rego – Kimberly Pastewka

Sabine Vitua – Regine Hold

Dietrich Hollinderbäumer – Volker Pastewka

This season is supposed to be the best of the whole series, the viewer is supposed to see a grandiose ending. So we can be excited!

But what does Bastian Pastewka himself say about the last season of his series, which he has now been releasing for 15 years?

“I very much underestimated how this goodbye blues would settle over the team like mildew” (Quelle:

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