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Bizarre Scandal Around Erotic Platform OnlyFans: Porn Stars Were Put On The Terror List

Bizarre Scandal Around Erotic Platform OnlyFans: Porn Stars Were Put On The Terror List
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A well-known erotic celebrity has made an accusation that has the sex industry in a tizzy. The head of the major porn union APAG believes that OnlyFans is working with corrupt Facebook employees, among others. This means some disadvantages for many performers.

APAG currently represents more than 1000 erotic performers. The union primarily campaigns for fair working conditions and is an important contact in the event of problems, such as blocked Instagram accounts. Among other things, the New York Post has reported that an unprecedented scandal has been uncovered.

For this reason, the union is now turning to the public. There is said to have been an agreement between employees of Facebook’s parent company Meta and the erotic portal. Models who also offer their content on other websites are to be put on the GIFCT terror list. This is intended to shake off the competition from other growing portals.

This has consequences for the producers of erotic content. The entry leads to shadowbans. At first, models don’t even notice that they have been blocked and their friends can’t see it either. Anyone who has received a shadowban can no longer be found on social networks. This is true across all platforms. For many erotic models, Instagram in particular is an important channel for marketing purposes.

Alana Evans was furious when she learned that the content of her account was on the terror list. When the traffic on social networks decreased, it had a negative impact on her income. The union president got in touch with other affected people and started researching. The experienced porn actress hired a law firm that specializes in class action lawsuits.

Meta and OnlyFans deny the allegations

The class action lawsuit has since been filed by the law firm with a court in California. The lawyers assume that up to 21,000 accounts were unlawfully blocked on Instagram. These accounts were branded as potential terrorists without warning.

The head of the porn union, Alana Evans, as well as her fellow campaigners, are demanding that Meta look at their data. This is to verify whether the erotic content has really been put on the terror list.

The platforms OnlyFans and Meta deny the accusations. Independently of each other, they confirmed that they were aware of the filing of the lawsuit. The indictment reveals that porn entrepreneur Leonid Radvinsky is explicitly accused. He is said to be the trigger of the conspiracy. He has controlled the paid content service since 2019. His career started with a platform for camgirls.

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