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Oderso Magazine: We had an interview on “Second Radio!”

On 2019-03-01 we had an interesting interview with the radio 
Station “SecondRadio.”

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On 2019-03-01 we had an interesting interview with the radio 
Station “SecondRadio.” In this interview, which will be heard in the week from 04.03 to 08.03.2019, we have reported exclusively about the magazine.

The radio station “SecondRadio” offers you, by the way, more music than other radio 
other radio stations could ever create. The station covers namely 
not only the mainstream area, no he is also what the streaming of other 
other music genres is very far ahead. Even Fynn 
Kliemann has already managed to run on this radio station with his album 
run, with his album “never.

The still young radio station, which was founded in 2010, has up to 490,000 listeners. Is to receive in Freiberg and Leipzig, via DAB+. Of course, they also broadcast via the web. So you can also conveniently via Amazon’s Alexa or TuneIN, because station receive and listen.

So now grab yourselves ne cup of tea and ne obligatory Currywurst, because now it becomes comfortable. Are only two minutes and until then, your tea is probably slowly become cold, but it’s still worth it and for all those who do not know what to do. Turns on but times at SecondRadio.

Interview only available in German.


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