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Filmmaker: What exactly is filmmaking?

How exactly is a film made, what is the process? What steps do the filmmakers take and in what order? Everyone likes to watch films and we explain the background.

Filmmaker: What exactly is filmmaking?
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I think the word speaks for itself, filmmaking is the process of making a movie from your own story idea, or being hired by someone else to make a movie. A filmmaker is responsible for writing the script, shooting the film, editing it, and distributing it to the public. Filmmaking requires the employment of a large number of people, and often takes several years to complete. This depends on the complexity of the subject and the problems encountered in making the film.

The stages of filmmaking

1. Development – Script is written and formatted into a usable guide for the film.

2. Pre-Production – Preparing for filming, hiring crew and cast, selecting locations and building sets.

3. Production – The filmmaker shoots the film in its entirety.

4. Post-production – The film is edited, music, sound effects and all other effects are added.

5. Distribution – A distributor acquires the film and it is shown to the public.


The filmmaker’s idea, or a story found by the producer, is turned into a usable screenplay. When choosing the topic, a stage outline and a synopsis are developed, through this the story is broken down into scenes of one paragraph length. Next, a treatment of 25-30 pages is prepared, describing the mood and characters of the story.

Then the script is developed, which is edited as many times as necessary to make the story viable. At this point, a filmmaker may contact a film distributor to gauge the market for this type of film and ensure its financial success. Hollywood distributors can be a hard sell and will consider genre, target audience, the success of similar films, the directors of the film, and the actors who may appear in the film. Once this is done, the film is presented to financiers

They will then offer financial support if they like the film, this can be offered by major film studios, the film rat or independent investors.


A production company is formed and an office is opened for the company. The film comes to life with a storyboard and is designed with the help of concept artists and talented illustrators. At this point, a film budget is put together. The filmmaker will hire a crew. The budget and the nature of the film will determine the type and size of the crew.

The production

The film is shot and another crew is hired. The director is responsible for most of what happens on set, but he will have to delegate responsibility to others until the film is finished.


The film is edited for time and best shots with film and a mix of film and video.


The film is released to theaters and duplicated as needed. Press kits, posters and other promotional materials are published to promote the film. A high-profile campaign will be launched to introduce the film.

The film will succeed or fail. Profits from it will be split between the production company and the distributor.

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