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Incredible news: Death Stranding is coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC!

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The Twitter account “PC Game Pass” already hinted at it a few days ago, but it was still unclear whether the former Playstation hit “Death Stranding” will ever be released outside of Playstation. Until now, this hit game was only exclusively playable for the Playstation.

Fans can rejoice! As already hinted at, it was now officially confirmed on the Twitter account of “Xbox PC Game Pass” on Aug. 19, 2022 thanks to a photo that the former exclusive title will now be playable on PC with the “PC Game Pass”.

Death Stranding, an action open-world exploration title from Japanese developer Kojima Productions, with many popular gameplay mechanics that made the entire game a unique gaming experience so far. The population mostly wiped out and yet there is a pitiful remnant of civilization living scattered in isolated settlements trying to survive. In the process, the civilization exposes itself to mysterious threats.

Hideo Kojima’s game will be available on PC with Xbox Game Pass as early as August 23 this year, which surprised all fans and some thought it was a belated April Fool’s joke.

Currently, the title was so far only playable on the Playstation 4, since this first appeared on November 8, 2019. In the summer of the following year, there was a conversion on the PC and a little later on 23.09.2021 a release on the next-gen console from Sony, the Playstation 5 with the Director’s Cut version.

The now newly planned release is exclusively the Standard Edition, the Director’s Cut version remains exclusive to the Playstation 5 and will not appear with the upcoming Xbox Game Pass version.

New and unique features in the PC version of Death Stranding

Es folgen Features, die nur exklusiv auf dem PC erhältlich. Angefangen bei Crossover-Inhalten bis hin zur unbegrenzten Bildrate, unabhängig von dem, was euere Hardware hergibt. Des Weiteren erfolgt ein Support für Ultrawide-Bildschirme, die euch ein cineastisches Feeling beim Spielen des Titels geben. Dies bedeutet, dass ihr beim Spielen das Gefühl entwickelt, ihr seid in einem Kinofilm.

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