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Netflix vs. Disney – duel of the giants!?

Netflix vs. Disney - duel of the giants!?
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Who doesn’t know the good old Disney movies? Whether Simba, Arielle or Cinderella, you could always sweeten your evening with someone. Whether on VHS cassette, DVD or now also in the streaming service. Everyone now knows that Disney wants to launch its own streaming service, but rarely has anyone familiarized themselves with the implications. After all, having your own platform also means that users have to sign up for a new subscription. Just watch the movies on Netflix because you’re already registered there? No way!

For many, Disney is simply a part of childhood, and I can never imagine mine without it. First videos from VHS tapes, later on DVD. I can say I experienced it all. Then, when the Disneychannel came on daily TV…heaven on earth, or something like that.

Instead of watching DVDs, we now spend our evenings on the couch with Netflix. In the long run, it’s simply cheaper than buying a new DVD every time, plus the selection is much larger. Whether it’s a movie or a series; Disney or WarnerBros; Marvel or DC..Netflix offers just about everything.

Disney launches its own streaming service, Disney+. Launched on November 12 in the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands.

The problem with that? It’s a pretty big loss for Netflix, since Disney owns a large part of the market and therefore also a considerable part of the films on Netflix. Because, it would be too good if it would stay like this, of course, you can then all the movies that belong to Disney (eg the Marvel universe or Starwars) no longer watch on Netflix or elsewhere. Can Disney+ really outbid Netflix?

It could, and it’s on quite a good path if you take a closer look at the example in the Netherlands, where both platforms are already running side by side.

Disney’s CEO, however, appeases, saying there is enough room in the market for both streaming platforms.

But what does Netflix’s CEO have to say about it? He, too, remains optimistic:

“I love competition. I love competing against Disney […]. That’s what drives me!” (Youtube: Walulis, 11/11/2019,

Experts believe that Disney+ will be able to attract 60-90 million subscribers within the first five years. By comparison, Netflix currently has 160 million subscribers.

But how does Disney+ plan to compete
competitor Netflix? The strategy is relatively
obvious. Yes, thanks to Netflix, they had a pretty easy
start, since they already knew what the audience liked.

Disney’s design is strikingly similar to Netflix’s, as is creating profiles and downloading selected content. But it clearly differentiates itself at crucial points. While Netflix sometimes uploads entire seasons and so users start binge-watching. Disney+ wants to prevent that at all costs, episodes are uploaded weekly. This tactic keeps users loyal for longer, because it simply takes longer to watch a season.

The two platforms also differ in price. (The prices are those of the Netherlands!)

While you can get the basic package from Netflix for €7.99, Disney+ costs just €6.99.

In addition, Disney offers better features:

In Netflix’s basic package, you can’t watch the content in HD and only on one screen.

Disney, on the other hand, offers 4k, HDR, and the option to watch on four screens for the basic package.

Conclusion: Disney+ is better than Netflix in terms of price-performance ratio so far.

To remain competitive, Netflix has to catch up quickly in terms of content and price!

But what will happen if other film studios follow Disney’s example? What does that mean for users?

The fact is, more studios are planning their own streaming service….

This is quite a disadvantage, especially for users, since they have to sign up for a new subscription everywhere, which all cost money…

How long will this last?

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