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Movies 2020 – Explosion of theaters!?

Movies 2020 - Explosion of theaters
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The new year is practically upon us. In less than a week, 2019 will end, but so will the decade of the 2010s. Time flies by at breakneck speed, but it never gets boring. Every year we ask ourselves one and the same question: what is in store for me/us in the coming year? This question relates to so many levels of our everyday lives and our lives.

We can’t tell you where life will take us and you. What we can tell you, however, is what will happen to you next year on the cinema screens. But even there, there’s so much that you could possibly fill an entire book with it. We have researched, filtered and made a selection of films that we think you should definitely have seen.

Movies are as diverse as we humans are. Likewise, there are hundreds of movies that are released and hit theaters every year.

Fortunately, there are different film genres, so you can easily orient yourself to them and find the film you may have been looking for! Whether comedy, action or horror…There should be something for everyone!

1. Comedy: The Kangaroo Chronicles

“Film adaptation of the hilarious everyday stories of Marc-Uwe Kling, a small-time artist who lives with a communist kangaroo in his Kreuzberg flat-sharing community.” (

Theatrical release is 05.03.2020 and absolutely recommended for anyone who was thrilled by the books. This can also be seen in the user rating of 4.5 stars.

The kangaroo (voiced by Marc-Uwe Kling), when he rings the doorbell of Marc-Uwe Kling (Dimitrj Schaad), urgently needs ALL the ingredients for pancakes, including stove and pan. He likes the apartment and moves in without further ado, getting on his new old roommate’s nerves a time or two.

The kangaroo himself is a convinced communist and a fanatical lover of liquor chocolates. From that point on, marked by witty exchanges, the extraordinary friendship begins and an adventure that Kling could not have dreamed of before!

2. Action: Wonder Woman 1984

The sequel to the DC superhero movie opens on 04.06.2020 and, according to the 5-star rating, is already going down great with fans and film critics.

The world is in the cold war, is divided into two parts. USA against the Soviet Union, West and East. Civil society is divided, families are arbitrarily separated, no one knows how things can go on permanently.

Add to this the absolute and ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation of all. Diana Prince, disguised as a flower seller, is drawn into the conflict when British anthropologist Barbara Ann Minerva transforms into Cheetah.

It is still unclear how this conflict is to be placed in the larger context of the Cold War.

Surprisingly, and perhaps confusingly, Diana Prince’s first love interest returns, even though she sacrificed herself in the first part.

This film is not only something for action lovers, but also for those who know and are interested in history!

3.Horror: Escape Room 2

The fight for survival goes into round 2!

The fight with our patience until the film is released, however, still takes a while, because theatrical release is not until early September.

Also otherwise we know so far only fractions of the plot, but they are promising!

Ben and Zoey survived in part one, also in the sequel they will be seen as protagonists on the big screen. After their experiences in the first part, they went to the police, but no one believed them, so they began to do their own investigation. In the course of this investigation, the two fly to New York, but someone is already ahead of them.

Further details are not yet known. However, based on the current state of information, this sequel could take place in this plane to New York, which has been prepared accordingly. However, it is also possible that Ben and Zoey will quickly chop off this episode and be lured into a new Escape Room with complete strangers, and the fight for survival will begin again in this way.

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