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Movie Review: “Kangaroo Chronicles”

Humorous, satirical and funny, that is the “Kangaroo Chronicles”. A film review, to the new film in German cinemas and a recommendation of the editors!

Movie Review: "Kangaroo Chronicles"
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   Reading time: 2 Minutes

Attention, this post may contain spoilers!

The editors’ recommendation: Go to the cinema before it closes! Because for this film it is worth to take a little money in hand and buy a movie ticket! Because not only in terms of content, the film is a little different than the mainstream films, even the choice of music might seem a little strange at the beginning.

In the film, many topics that are currently quite present are addressed in a very humorous and satirical way. The various political alignments of society are also taken up and excellently portrayed!

Those who know and have read the books will not really be surprised by the plot in the film, but it was not taken over so. For those unaware: The kangaroo chronicles in print format have already been scripted. And that was my personal biggest “fear”, that the dialogues and the sequences were simply taken over in the same way. But this worry was not confirmed!

The film already begins incredibly amusing and funny, with a discussion between Marc-Uwe Kling and the kangaroo from off-screen. The two discuss how the film should best begin, or rather, at what point in the story. Ultimately, the Marc-Uwe in the film then decided how and where it began, the two were simply faded out.

This humorous way of storytelling drags on in exactly this way the whole time. Again and again there are situations that make you smile or laugh.

Socially critical, humorous, satirical and absolutely worth seeing! Who plans to go to the cinema soon, this film is highly recommended!

One last spoiler to end on:
If you already know the books, you know the kangaroo’s passion for swapping things around. Be it letters or whole quotes!

How much is the fish?“ – Karl Marx
Original quote: Song of the band “Scooter

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