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Lost Places

Lost Place: The Magic of Abandoned Places

Abandoned places. What makes them so interesting?

   Reading time: 3 Minutes

The magic of abandoned places Lost Places, also known as abandoned places. But what makes them so incredibly interesting? The fascination of these places, which “were not designed as spectacles,” as Guy Debord puts it, lies precisely in this originality and the lack of (tourist) development, which offers visitors the opportunity to go on their own “voyage of discovery” and thereby experience history individually and up close.

On the other hand, this peculiarity of the places also sometimes holds underestimated dangers. Furthermore, the entry of such places is rarely legally clearly regulated, which is why visitors to Lost Places also sometimes prefer to act anonymously. (Wikipedia) It is probably the story behind all the Lost building. Each building, has had to go through a lot in the current time.

Many buildings have survived wars or attacks. When you stand in front of a Lost Place, at first it seems very magical. As if the place wants to tell you something. And that is exactly the point.

Abandoned Places: Exploring the stories together

Urbexer have made it their business to dedicate themselves to these places and to question their history. Most of the buildings are still privately owned and that makes the whole thing illegal. Arrived at the trespassing. But that seems to be worth it for some. Many take quite a few risks. Just to be able to research in these objects.

On YouTube and Instagram are numerous so-called “Lost Places Videos.” Due to property damage in the objects, the so-called Urbexer have developed a code. This states. That one should leave in objects only his footprints. “Take only Pictures.” So take only pictures. Don’t take anything or damage anything. But a very important and interesting point is that you should not open doors that are locked. That you don’t force your way in. Urbexing is mainly about just taking pictures and videos of the magical places and then sharing them. History of the mystical place, however, is usually in the foreground. Should you also come up with this idea of wanting to pursue this hobby, always go in pairs and never alone to reduce the risk of accidents. It is also best to find out who owns the object.

Then you can get in legally and possibly get a free tour and exclusive background knowledge. Many famous old places even offer photo tours. There would be to one the Beelitz Heilstätten or the old city bath in Leipzig. You should definitely take advantage of these offers.

But no matter what you do. Think of the possible dangers that could arise during an exploration. Most of the houses are dilapidated and there is a danger of collapse. There is also a danger of asbestos. So never underestimate the dangers and always listen to your gut feeling.



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