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Is Netflix going under in 2019?

   Reading time: 2 Minutes

Netflix would go out of business. Before you say, “Nah, that won’t happen because Netflix generates a lot of revenue,” you’d be wrong. 

The American streaming company Netflix is facing an eventual exit in 2019, as more and more studios want to enter the market themselves. The Disney Group, which is currently looking to add Fox to its empire, wants to launch its own service in 2019, and Warner also wants to attack the competition worldwide with HBO. 

Comcast could launch a Sky service in Europe. Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures are currently negotiating an exclusive deal with Amazon. 

But now ahead, all the movies you see on Netflix were produced by the big BIG 6. Movies like those from Marvel Studios belong to Disney and Disney again is planning around its own streaming service – as are the rest of the BIG 5, though there’s a big question mark with Universal. What’s the point? – For movie studios, of course, it brings 100% profit.

Netflix could see its 120 million or so monthly paying customers jump ship, so a downfall is preprogrammed.

Well, now one or the other surely says: “Then I just watch the Netflix original series.” That’s true, and that would be possible, since Netflix is currently looking to further expand its studios.  But risky for Netflix, as the mountain of debt continues to pile up. The problem, however, is also that not all Netflix originals also belong to Netflix, as many films are made in collaboration with the larger studios mentioned above.

The question of all questions that ultimately remains. Will the majority of everyone switch to illegal ways if the legal way is taken away from you?

Let’s see how things really go in 2019 and whether you actually end up having to sign up for 6 subscriptions with different providers.

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