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Interview with social media marketing and SEO experts Aleksandar Djurin

Aleksandar Djurin ist in Österreich geboren und aufgewachsen. Er arbeitet als Medienspezialist im Bereich Online- und Social Media Marketing. Bei Headonis Network e U. ist er seit Jahren als SEO-Manager tätig.

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Aleksandar Djurin was born and raised in Austria. He works as a media professional in the field of online and social media marketing. At Headonis Network e.U. he has been working as SEO manager for years.

Online marketing has always interested and fascinated him, especially the male target group. Aleksandar Djurin has already gained a lot of experience, working for various corporations and magazines with specific focuses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of Aleksandar Djurin’s specialties. He has extensive experience in SEO and always follows the latest marketing trends to be “up to date” in the very fast changing market. Companies that have worked and are still working with Aleksandar Djurin, white after 3-6 months with their web projects more visibility in the search engines (eg Google, Bing, …) on.

The clients automatically have a higher accessibility and findability in the search engines. Thus, they were able to build a larger customer base. Analytical thinking and a structured way of working are among his greatest strengths.

It is precisely with these strengths that Aleksandar Djurin’s clients can benefit from search engine optimization, as he is best able to implement them into his way of working.

5 Golden SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips by Aleksandar Djurin

1st tip: Realize a website that is tailored exactly to the target group. Furthermore, it must be user-friendly and have a responsive design (optimized for PC and cell phone), since the mobile user share is increasing day by day. In addition to these things, the website must also be optimized on page and should have low loading times. A topic that many entrepreneurs neglect is corporate design/corporate identity. The recognition value with the customer must be given in any case.

2nd tip: One of the important building blocks of a successful website is to have a qualitative unique content that is optimized for the target group. Not for nothing is the motto in the marketing world “Content is King”. It should be clarified in advance exactly under which topics, terms or industries the user/reader/customer should find my company. If one can answer this, one should investigate exactly with different keyword tools, how it is searched for and adapt the texts accordingly. There are many possibilities, such as main keyword, long-tail keywords, keyword phrases or W-questions.

3.Tip: The power of internet links is very often underestimated. Content that has further information often causes the user to stay longer. You also systematically lead the reader to where you might want him to be. By the way, you can also control the linkjuice internally on the website.

4.tip: Image optimization is often underestimated by site operators. In the project, 4% of visitors come via the images Google search. Thus one should use in any case this potential and deposit information with the pictures.

5.tip: Controlling is a topic that most companies do not even include in their workflow. But this point is very important for a successful website. Because exactly here you can filter out which measures were successful and which were not. In some cases, mistakes are very important to know exactly what to avoid in the future. This, in turn, can only be found out if all the steps that were taken in the past are accurately tracked. With these steps, one achieves successful SEO measures and knows in the future, where exactly one should start.

Portfolio from SEO expert: Aleksandar Djurin

To give you a better picture of Aleksandar Djurin’s work, we have put together a small selection of projects from German-speaking countries. These are websites that Aleksandar Djurin is currently maintaining or has been involved in creating. Of course, new websites or projects are added all the time.


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Contact details of Aleksandar Djurin

If you want to learn more about Aleksandar Djurin, it is best to visit his website: You can view his portfolio to get examples of his work. If you are looking for network marketing and a modern young man who has extensive up-to-date knowledge in SEO and other online marketing, as well as social media, you have found exactly the right person.

You can also contact Aleksandar Djurin directly via email and arrange a free consultation with him. He will provide more visibility for your website or create a marketing strategy plan for your web project. 

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