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Influencers – the future or a disease?

   Reading time: 2 Minutes

Influencers and social media – a winning strategy for companies. Influencers are often used in social media to appeal to the younger target group. These include well-known blogs as well as Instagram and YouTube.

Influencers present fashion trends or the tastiest dishes on their blogs, for example. In doing so, they devote special attention to the clothing of certain manufacturers, as if in passing. Depending on who they have received a request from.

On YouTube, it is even easier to incorporate products more or less inconspicuously into the films. Whereby also this is nothing really new. This approach has been used for many decades in cinema and television films. It could also be called surreptitious advertising.

In the meantime, product placements must be clearly marked. The influencers wear the clothes or accessories of the clients, for example. The products to be advertised are cleverly placed in the background or are used in activities. Of course, the clients are only interested in influencers who have a large following.

A Youtuber only becomes interesting for the advertising industry when he has a very high number of subscribers. Mainly, the company is only interested in achieving a target group, with which they can make a lot of sales.

The Influencern is offered that he may keep the product or usually jumps out a money premium. In the best case also both. The business will continue to grow! The so-called business with the marketing of products will continue to grow. We have observed Instagram and found that the number of influencers has increased significantly in recent years.

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