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Influencers: Perception by the Young Generation

Influencers: Perception by the Young Generation
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They are not only a recurring topic in our country, but also a topic of conversation among young people both nationally and internationally. As expected, opinions differ widely. Both sides have good arguments. Influencers can be an asset to society, but are they really authentic and can the products they promote really be trusted?

The topic of “influencers” is always on our minds, and we can often only shake our heads at many of them. However, this is our opinion. Piece by piece, we could already grasp the split opinion. Because of this, we asked ourselves at some point the question of how it really looks just in our generation on this subject.

Criticism of influencers often comes from people of the slightly older generation. They didn’t grow up with this topic, for whom it is a phenomenon of digitalization and globalization.

That’s just it, but what is the view of the very generation that grew up to a large extent with the Internet, that was “confronted” with influencers at an early age. What does the generation that knows product advertising through social networks think of influencers?

To answer this question, we once again launched a survey on and waited until there were enough responses to be able to estimate a result.

The survey about influencers

“Once again, let’s ask ourselves this question, what do untalented “advertising faces” contribute to a better world (…) Are they a boon to society or rather not?” was the question we asked on the Internet.

Hier das Ergebnis:

The conclusion of this survey

Almost half of those who participated in the survey see influencers as a “normal” part of our society, an unsurprising result.

What did surprise us a little, however, is the fact that not a single one of the participants has ever discovered a useful product. This makes us wonder how they earn so much money then.

Looking at the results as a whole, however, the percentage of “supporters” of influencers is only minimally larger than that of “opponents”.

Yes, this survey may only reflect a fraction of the generation, but it’s a pretty good symbol of how divided society’s attitude towards influencers is!

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