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Influencer – “authentic” property

Influencer - "authentic" property
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Influencers again? Yes, we’re rolling up the topic again, because there are always new aspects that just don’t give us a moment’s peace and about which we have so much to say. Instagram is full of “authentic” and “individual” influencers who don’t resemble each other in any way and all do something different. Or so they think. We disagree, and we feel it’s our responsibility to make this known publicly. Because who else is going to do it?

While the normal working society toils daily to make ends meet and feed the family, others take photos and advertise to collect likes. For this they also get masses of money, because in most cases there is advertising behind the posts. Instead of getting up early and really working eight hours for their money, influencers call their “work” (Instagrammer or Youtuber) hard work. It just makes us wonder if these people have ever actually been to work!?

No Work and for it daily several 1000€…Of it dreams nevertheless
everyone. But don’t you prefer to work for your success? There are
actually Influencer, which take no order under 7000€ per Day on…What should one say to it still large. And it does not remain with these costs per day, in addition come yes still hotel and journey, which is paid
also paid by the agency that books these influencers. Often
they live free of charge in the hotels, however, if they make
then do advertising for them in return. Sounds like a very fair

What Labels but everything for a link on Instagram Posts do. As
Example: If an influencer has a certain reach, they often get
clothes in brand stores often for free. Why? Well, because they
mark the label on their pictures, then their followers become aware of it and
followers take notice and want the clothes, too, of course, and they
then pay in the stores. So it’s a classic win-win

It but is also a very strenuous job, since one has already earned
earned a few free clothes, or not!?

With their stressful everyday life, they must fall in the evening completely exhausted
after all, they’re running from appointment to appointment.
Early brunch, then getting dressed for fashion week and then sitting there
sitting in the front row. And then they also have to
keep their followers up to date with their Instagram stories…
puuuuh, I would be completely exhausted at the end of the day.
Wait, no I wouldn’t be! Since money plays no role for them,
you can trade places with one of us for a month.
40 hours of work per week in shifts, for considerably less
money!? We would only find fair.

Fashionweek, which is also long gone what it was once.
A few years ago, the models and designers were the stars of the evening.
Evening…and today? Today it’s the influencers! And during the
designers provide them with outfits (which they can definitely keep afterwards) to
which they can definitely keep afterwards) to represent the fashion.
Isn’t that what models are for?

“At Fashionweek I didn’t get a ticket, so free choice of seat.
That can also mean that I have to stand” (Youtube:
Y Collective, 02/01/2018,

NOOO! Unacceptable! How bad!

Influencers…The perfect mix of capitalism and self narcissism!

“My life depends on it, after all, I gave up my studies (but not for this)” (Youtube: Y Collective, 02/01/2018,

“You have to be online permanently” (Youtube: Y Collective, 01.02.2018,

Statements of influencers when asked about the role of Instagram in their
lives. We tend to wonder, is this still healthy? Their lives
metaphorically speaking, is at the end if they can’t log on to Instagram for a day…is there anything left to do?

Instagram for a day…is there anything else that needs to be said?

If you ask these people what makes them tick…you always hear the same adjectives…the same adjectives… “Authentic” “Unique” “Individual”…
“Individual” … yawn, something new please!

Influencers are treated like brands, so nothing there with authentic and individual!

Also: Who needs a manager, who determines the dates and orders and coordinates
coordinates is no longer self-determined…and therefore not
authentic. And since all big influencers have managers, they are
also no longer unique. They are by main profession “Instagrammer”
And have fixed posting times every day. So their day is guided
according to Instagram. Since everyone claims to be authentic and individual
to be authentic and individual, they are unfortunately all the same.

It is not authentic, but a “plastic advertising world” (Youtube:
Y Collective, 01.02.2018,

and with every single like and comment you support that!

But, what is actually behind the images? Nothing other than three
Hours of image editing with Photoshop, unfortunately, the bitter truth.
Big mouth, but nothing behind it…also fits well with many influencers.

Proof? “If the food, for example, was produced by child labor in
Bangladesh was produced (…)” (Youtube: Y Collective,

…Has the food industry been confused with the textile industry?
confused?? Upsi…

Still not enough? In the video already linked several times (see quotes)
the reporter asks an influencer the following question: “20,000 for this,
advertise it! Would you take it?” The answer:
“20,000 what? Euros?” (Youtube: Y Collective, 01.02.2018,

Likewise, on this day, the reporter looked at the Instagram profiles of the
Influencers present and was amazed to find, “You look so
quite different in the pictures!”

We can’t keep the answer to that from anyone either; “Haha, that’s
is Instagram” (Youtube: Y Collective, 02/01/2018,

Hahaha…NO! This is the Instagram you guys created and spread! Not

Yes it is, how long have you actually been an influencer?

I do this as long as I enjoy it(Youtube: Y Collective,
FEB. 01, 2018,

And after that? Retirement at 30? Live relaxed with the money earned until then until you are 90? Shouldn’t you already have plans for the future? Plans other than traveling and uploading pictures?

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