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Hornbach’s champion campaign

   Reading time: 2 Minutes

Hornbach’s “art toilet” #ortderstille

One of the largest operators of DIY and garden centers in Europe, which is known among other things for its spectacular commercials, now designed #ortderstille.

Hornbach Baumarkt is known for its super funny and creative spots on TV and the net, but what’s coming now revolutionizes the history of the toilet.

100 selected guests met in Berlin to try out the ultimate toilet. 

The result was a two-minute film called “A place nobody talks about.” All kinds of professions were represented: From the intestinal therapist to the cultural scientist and alternative practitioner, to the plumber, everything has been there.

The toilet, is different from other toilets – a forest of wood provides the right atmosphere, screens in front of the toilet provided some 
relaxing images. But mainly underlined the multimedia installation: inner reflection, the process of digestion and last but not least, the final relief.

But why did Hornbach come up with such an idea in the first place?

Hornbach’s marketing campaign in the fall of 2018 was mainly focused on home improvements, and Hornbach therefore wanted to bring the topic of “WCs” to the fore, since very little is said about them. 
very little is said about it. But nevertheless, it should probably be a place in the house where you can feel good.

Mainly the building market wants to inspire to more formative fantasy. But the marketing message for its own product range is just as much in the foreground.

If you are interested in the topic, you can find more information on all social media platforms under the hashtag: #ortderstille.

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