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Fynn Kliemann: “I had warned me!” – New album: “POP

Fynn Kliemann: "I had warned me!" - New album: "POP
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Fynn Kliemann, the person who doesn’t let anything burn. Even back then he told his fans that “Never” would remain the only album he would ever have produced. But appearances are deceptive. For a long time he let the fans tremble on Instagram. Many theories spread. Some thought that there would finally be the long-awaited Netflix documentary, but others had had a faint inkling that this might be a new album after all.

Secretly he worked diligently on a new album, and nobody noticed anything. Never again he said, but what must go out, must just go out. On 29.05.2020 his new album “POP.” will be released. This will be produced just like its predecessor only once, and then never again.

1 MINUTE – Fynn Kliemann

That Fynn Kliemann approaches many things differently than pretty much anyone would is well known. While other musicians look for a record label, get signed and hand over many tasks to producers, Fynn goes this way completely on his own. Although he got an offer for a record contract, he turned it down and founded his own label “TwoFinger-Records” instead. Some people shook their heads over this decision, but according to Fynn himself, it was the best decision of his life. Just like his motto: “Never say never!” Even though the whole process, according to Fynn, was the purest horror trip, he doesn’t regret a second, and he can be more than just proud of himself, because the album shot through the roof!

How nerve-wracking and exhausting the process really was…Even that he reveals! But Fynn wouldn’t be Fynn if he didn’t do his own thing and stand for what he does. And you can see that very clearly once again with his album “Never”. In his podcast he proves real strength and absolute honesty. If you look at albums and records by other artists, you never know what you’re really paying money for, where it’s going in and any sales figure at all. Fynn wanted to change that and lives transparency. In his podcast, as just mentioned, he discloses how much money he has acquired through the sale of the album and what he wants to use this sum for. In this podcast, as a listener, you get detailed insights into the process, the production, and the revenue and how it is used! Kudos!

If you listen to some soundtracks, you wonder what exactly this song is supposed to tell you as a listener. With Fynn, however, every single track has a meaning, the entire album is practically a mirror of his inner world. That was exactly his goal: to express something with music, to convey a message, even if it is incredibly difficult.

In an interview, Fynn tells us what meaning his songs “Kieztränen” and “Seattle” have for him personally, and what he wants to send people on their way with them.

So “Seattle” is about chasing your own dreams until you can finally realize them. But at the same time, realizing what’s going on around you at that moment and in general, and when might be the best time to jump off that bandwagon.

“Kieztränen” tells a very personal story from Fynn’s life. A good friend of his, needing something new around her, moved to the big city. There she “caught up” with all the things she thought she had missed. Until she finally realized how lost she feels in this world. At the same time, Fynn thinks that this desire to be able to forget herself for once and to feel lost in a dark night is also justified. Everyone dreams of a great, perfect world, no matter what the reality looks like in the end, says Fynn in an interview with

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