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Fynn Kliemann: Documentary “100,000 – Everything I Never Wanted”

“100.000 – Alles was ich nie wollte” – Eine Doku von Fynn Kliemann, einmalig für 24 stunden online zu sehen! Neben dem Filmerlebnis unterstützt jedes gekaufte Ticket die lokalen Kinos!

Fynn Kliemann: Documentary
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   Reading time: 3 Minutes

Craft, music and now a film after all. Fynn Kliemann has achieved all that, but actually none of it was ever his goal. “100.000 – Everything I never wanted” is the name of the documentary that our favorite handyman has produced.

All this without a label, without management, everything also on his own initiative and with a lot of heart and soul and love for the community. A long time ago he announced his own documentary, but after that it was quiet for a long time.

The dream of the screen

Again and again, fans asked him when the documentary would appear on Netflix, because that was the original plan. Now, however, things turned out quite differently. At the beginning of the year, Fynn Kliemann announced that he was indeed producing the film, but that it would not appear on the streaming platform.

Instead of being on Netflix, the film would be in theaters across Germany for one day, for exactly 24 hours. This idea sounds typical of the German do-it-yourself king from the north, because he also took a similar approach with his first record, “Nie.” He produced the album for only a certain period of time, then never again.

It will be the same with “100,000 – Everything I never wanted”. You can watch the film during that time, then never again.

Streaming instead of cinema

But of course, everything has to turn out differently than planned. This time it’s the Corona virus. Due to the current situation, cinemas across Germany have closed, so no one can see the documentary. But a problem is only a problem if you let it be. And Fynn Kliemann wouldn’t be him if he didn’t have a solution ready for everything.

Now you can buy movie tickets online and Fynn will send you a link and code, which you can then use to watch the documentary on April 25, 2020, starting at 8 p.m., for 24 hours. But that’s not all, because 25% of the ticket price goes to the cinemas for support!

A ticket costs 12€, so about as much as you would pay in the cinema!

It is definitely a recommendation from our side and a good initiative to support the cinemas all over Germany! On YouTube you can already see the trailer!

Fynn talks about personal things, about his music and his life. It’s probably a pretty deep insight into his life that he will give us, that alone makes it worth buying tickets!

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