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Behind: Movies

Film vs. reality – the exciting comparison

Oh, if only everything were as beautifully simple as in movies. How much easier would relationships or a fight be?

Film vs. reality - the exciting comparison
   Reading time: 4 Minutes

Oh, if only everything were as beautifully simple as in movies. How much easier would relationships or a fight be? But unfortunately, 99.99% of the time, reality is very different from a schmaltzy Hollywood flick. 

Romantic scenes

Well, maybe we start with this topic, because this is something that is possibly clear to everyone! The following situation: A “romantic” candlelight dinner.


Candlelight dinner above the rooftops of the city, he holds her tightly in his strong arm, leans towards her and whispers a tender “I love you!” in her ear. Afterwards they kiss, “How romantic!”

There is nothing more beautiful than a totally cheesy Hollywood movie in which two fall madly in love. But then. Fate puts them both to a hard test, but what a miracle: in the end everything turns out fine and they live happily ever after, together of course!


Here it is not called “candlelight dinner”, but “picnic”! So: A picnic on the roof of the apartment building, in the middle of the big city. The cars on the federal highway are so loud that you can hardly understand each other’s words! Everywhere are flies and mosquitoes, it is extremely windy and the woman has a bug in her hair, which the friend is now to remove under her panicked screaming! To crown the, it should be romantic, picnic on the roof, a neighbor calls the police because you are not allowed to picnic on the roof!


It is obvious that romantic scenes are followed by relationships, because even they are quite different in reality than in the movie, as the following situations show!


Movie: “You are so attractive, smart and nice, but not in that boring way!” – “Oh, I’m blushing, the same goes for you of course, hihi!”

Reality: “That reminds me of when I found that lizard with Rick!” – “In the toilet….I know!”


Movie: “They’re all so boring here, shall we drop off?!” – “Yes of course my darling!” (With a very seductive look on his face, everyone knows what happens then).

Reality: “Your friends are all so boring, can’t we just leave already?” – “No, we just got here!”


Movie: “Our little disagreements are really easy to overcome! – “The make-up sex will be great!”

Reality: “I didn’t know I could be so mean to a person who means so much to me. Still, I’m not talking to him for three days now!”


Last but not least, of course, the hacking! In the film, the criminal gangster sits in front of his monitor wearing a balaclava. Everything happens at lightning speed, the writing on the screen moves steadily and is easy to read. After just a few seconds, a colleague of his uses his smartphone to paralyze the Ministry of Defense. 

What? Hackers don’t wear balaclavas, and I can’t use my smartphone to paralyze the Ministry of Defense? Of course not! In reality, it takes days of preparation before you can actually start hacking. In reality, the writing on the screen is barely legible and you can’t do it within a few minutes or even seconds. If hacking were presented in real life, most would scrape away in boredom and would probably be disappointed. And it’s also logical that you can’t paralyze the ministry with a cell phone, you shouldn’t even think about that!

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