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“Es”: This scene did not appear in the film!

"Es": This scene did not appear in the film!
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“Es” (2017), starring the clown Pennywise, based on the novel by Stephen King, premiered on free TV on ProSieben on May 1, 2020. This film is a must-see for all horror fans and not for those who don’t like clowns. But one scene from the script never made it into the final film. It is said to be the most disturbing scene ever, which would be too gross even for die-hard horror fans.

What scene is it?

It is unclear if this scene was even shot, but the plot is known. The scene shows how the demonic clown Pennywise in front of the eyes of a mother, eats her baby.

While the most controversial scene from Stephen King’s novel is already missing from the script (a lengthy sex scene in the gruesome finale), many of the horror scenes from the original didn’t make it into theaters.

It is not surprising that such a scene was in the script of the horror movie, since the novel is mainly about the endangerment and murder of children. The deaths of children are described in great detail and unpleasantly in the novel, but the scene with the eaten baby was too blatant for the film.

Was the scene with the clown also in the novel?

Surprise: The scene with the baby doesn’t even appear in the novel “Es”. In fact, it was the idea of the screenwriter. Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard reported the infamous scene in the run-up to the movie’s release.

The scene was supposed to take place in a flashback to the 17th century and show a younger version of the clown. It ends with Pennywise eating the baby. For this, Pennywise threatens the woman Abigail with her death, and that of all her family members, if she doesn’t hand over her baby. Reluctantly, the mother gives up her baby and Pennywise eats it in front of her.

The makers and stars never talked about this scene again. Nor did they discuss whether it was actually in the final script.

No matter how it was, it’s good that we never got to see this scene. Just the idea of Pennywise eating a baby on camera is cruel enough!

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