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Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG Plans Blockchain- and AI-based Cannabis Cultivation in Germany

Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG
Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG. - (Image Source:
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Large-Scale Cannabis Cultivation, AI, and Blockchain Technology Takes Center Stage

The Company Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH is gearing up for the legal cultivation of recreational cannabis in Germany, expected to become a reality in early 2024. The company aims to produce approximately 40 tons of recreational cannabis annually in its first phase. With a team of top-notch experts in cannabis cultivation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, as well as CBD trade and production, DAG GmbH is well-positioned to revolutionize the burgeoning market. The company’s vision goes beyond large-scale cannabis cultivation. It is also developing two groundbreaking systems aimed at enhancing efficiency in cultivation and generating global revenue streams.

DECT-Grow Cultivation Management System

The DECT-Grow Cultivation Management System leverages a unique AI model to optimize the entire cultivation process. It takes control of lighting, irrigation, and ventilation systems to ensure maximum efficiency. Even cannabis social clubs and individual growers can access the AI-recommended cultivation technology configurations through the DECT-Grow platform. The DECT token serves as the primary means to access the platform and its systems.
DECT-Grow not only allows cultivation companies to minimize costs but also maximize the quality and quantity of their harvest. This innovative system promises a revolutionary change in how cannabis is grown and enables smaller players to benefit from advanced technology.

Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG. – (Image source:

DECT-S2S Seed-to-Sale System

The DECT-S2S system utilizes blockchain technology to ensure transparent and immutable management of value chains and supply networks. With DECT-S2S, cultivation companies and cannabis social clubs can collect all the necessary information for process optimization while simultaneously meeting regulatory requirements for documentation and verification. Once again, the DECT token plays a crucial role in granting access to the platform and its systems.
This system not only offers the ability to track the origin and quality of cannabis products accurately but also bolsters consumer trust in the legalization of recreational cannabis.

In addition to these innovative projects, the Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH plans to issue the “Deutscher Cannabis Token” (German Cannabis Token) with the abbreviation DECT. This token could play a pivotal role in transactions and investments within the burgeoning cannabis market. With its commitment to legal cannabis cultivation and its ability to integrate AI and blockchain technology into the industry, Deutsche Anbaugesellschaft DAG GmbH could play a crucial role in shaping the German cannabis market and making it internationally competitive.

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