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DC Comics: “Batman-The three Joker”

After 30 years, the ultimate Batman-Joker.comic will now be released this year! For four years it has been in planning and now it’s time! “Batman: The three Joker” is published!

DC Comics: "Batman-The three Joker"
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30 years after “The killing Joke” changed the world of comics, now comes this year “Batman: Three Jokers” . Once again, it’s all about the myth of who or what the Joker actually is. But besides this mystery, it’s all about what’s really behind the ongoing battle between Batman and the Joker. The comic is expected to be released this June.

The war of the joker

Dick Grayson, also known as “Nightwing”, recently went through a phase of self-discovery. He remembers his own past, but in two different ways. In his memory there are two different memories of himself. In one vision, he himself is part of the “Bat-Family” and a superhero in Gotham City. Whereas in the other version, he is destined to be Talon. Talon is one of the feared assassins of the “Court of Owl’s”. 

And as if it wasn’t complicated and problematic enough, the Joker comes to Gotham City. The Joker has plenty of grudges against Nightwing, and when the infamous man in Gotham has a problem, so does every single person. 

Nightwing is the old Robin, who in modern times as Nightwing in a city – next to Gotham – ensures law and order.

The Joker turns 80

On April 29th of this year, the Joker, a fictional character in the DC Universe, will actually be 80 years old already! DC celebrates this “birthday” with the groundbreaking one-shot “The Joker’s 80th Anniversary 100 page Spectacular” #1.

Since his first appearance in April 1940, 80 years ago, the Joker has become one of the most recognizable and beloved antiheroes in the book and comic book world, as well as in pop culture, and has provided inspiration for other stories inspired by his story, such as that of Harley Quinn. 

His urge to wreak havoc and spread discord has made him more than just an antagonist to Batman and his mission to save the citizens of Gotham City! Now, 80 years after his creation, he is much more than just the antagonist of Gotham City’s DC hero!

“Batman: The Three Jokers”

Already a few months ago, the new Batman Joker comic was announced by the creators, but since then, fans have been waiting for a release date, as well as more detailed information about the story, and slowly, but surely, became a little impatient. 

The release date

Now, finally, DC has put an end to the wait and given a release date: June 2020 the comic will appear. More precisely, it will be June 17, 2020, but this release date refers to America. How long fans in Germany will have to wait for the comic is still unclear. What is already known, however, is that it will be released as a German-language version in 2021 at the earliest.

According to the publisher, the story has already been in concrete planning for four years. The idea for this comic came to writer Geoff Johns and cartoonist Jason Fabok, who together bring this comic to life, back in 2015 when “Justice League “#42 was published. This issue represented a crucial milestone in the history of Batman and the Joker. In this issue, Batman first learned the “true background” of the Joker, or rather his name, after which the story between the two antagonists took its course, thrilling thousands of fans worldwide. 

Later, it was determined that the Joker was actually three different people. Hence probably the title “Batman: Three Jokers”.

Furthermore, it is known that the miniseries will include a total of three issues and will be published in the prestige format. The creators of the comic also announced that their current comic is visually inspired by “Batman: The Killing Joke”, which was published 30 years ago.

The comic is described as “the ultimate story of Batman and the Joker”, creating anticipation and excitement among fans long before the real release. This description raises hopes for great things, but also creates high expectations for the comic and its content among the majority of fans.

Release in Germany

Since the release date refers to the comic book release in the US, fans in Germany and Europe have no choice but to wait patiently and deal with the Joker movies or comics that already exist here and are available to us at any time. But even that is worth it, because the spectrum of Joker content is now huge and even if you already know everything, it’s always worth another look and enjoy yourself! 

The authors

Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns, now 47, is an American comic book writer, film producer and screenwriter. He is also President and Chief Creative Officer of the US comic book publisher DC Comics. However, before diving into the world of comics, he worked as an assistant to director and producer Richard Donner after graduating from university. After subsequently leaving this post, he now works full-time as a writer of comic books and television series.

He dedicated his first comic “Star Spangled Comics “#1, as well as the since-fiction series based on it, “Stars an S.T.R.I.P.E”, to his late sister, in which he had the comic heroine take on her character traits. In 2000, after other minor comic successes, he finally became the author of the long-running superhero series “Flash,” which he subsequently oversaw until 2005. Together with Jon Berg, he plays a leading role in the development of the DC Extended Universe. His work as a screenwriter was recognized, among other things, by naming a fictional villain character appearing in the Superman television series Smallville after him.

Jason Fabok

The now 35-year-old Jason Fabok is a Canadian cartoonist and acts as a draftsman in the case of “Batman: Three Jokers”. The Canadian works mainly for DC Comics, one of the most important American comic book publishers. For DC he illustrated many comics of “Batman” and the “Justice League” , during the 42nd issue of which the idea for the Batman-Joker comic was born, as well as participated in 20 issues of Detective Comics.

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