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Investigation underway: Was Courtney Cleeney, a well-known Only Fans model, actually a murderer?

Investigation underway: Was Courtney Cleeney, a well-known Only Fans model, actually a murderer?
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Was it self-defense or was it murder? That’s exactly what the investigating authorities in Miami, FL are currently trying to find out. Courtney Cleeney, an Only Fans model and US-American influencer, is accused of stabbing her partner to death. She was arrested a few days ago in Hawaii, where she is in rehab at this time.

While the judiciary is charging the young woman with murder, the young woman’s defense attorney is pleading self-defense. Courtney had been the real victim for years, endured domestic violence for a long time, he said. Her partner died because she fought back when he grabbed her by the throat. The young woman’s lawyer is particularly indignant about the fact that his client was arrested during her withdrawal for drug abuse and during a stay in the rehabilitation clinic for treatment of her post-traumatic stress disorder, although (according to the lawyer) there was a willingness to cooperate and a voluntary surrender on her part.

Police have strong doubts about statements of Only Fans model

The police in Miami, FL, however, have doubts about the version of the Only Fans model and continue to hold on to the accusation of murder. As evidence they count above all a recording of a video camera in an elevator shortly before the time of the crime and the phone list of the young woman. In the video you can see Courtney Cleeney hitting her boyfriend, likewise the phone list does not seem to confirm the allegation of an acute and current danger for the Only Fans Model in the eyes of the investigating authorities.

However, what could be confirmed by various statements of neighbors is a loud and heated argument between the couple. The neighbors, as well as Courtney herself confirm that the couple lived in a luxury apartment in the city for only a few months. Neighbors describe that there have already been several incidents of domestic violence between the Only Fans model and her boyfriend, and there have already been several considerations to get rid of the quarreling couple from the respective property.

Police are assessing the young man’s death as a “domestic violence incident,” also noting that physical altercations led to the killing. While Courtney is counting on self-defense, the lawyer and the family of the killed is counting on a “reconsideration” of the case, because only the reopening of the investigation has now led to the arrest of the Only Fans model.

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