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Corona: The three craziest conspiracy theories

Many people know that there are various theories circulating on the Internet about the virus. The theories range from a laboratory breeding, to Donald Trump, who wants to bring the Chinese to their knees. But one theory is more abstruse than the other!

Corona: The three craziest conspiracy theories
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Everywhere, both in the media and offline, there is only one topic at the moment: the corona virus. All you have to do is type “corona” into the search bar and thousands of articles are promptly suggested. But among all these suggestions, a large part of which seems quite serious, there are some black sheep, the conspiracy theories.

The conspiracy theories surrounding the virus are all firmly convinced that the true origin of the virus is being concealed from us; everyone finds other causes and originators.

The spectrum of theories ranges from a breeding in the laboratory, to Donald Trump as a developer to contain the Chinese economy. But these are by no means the craziest and most abstruse theories that you can find on the net!

Here are the three craziest conspiracy theories, around the coronavirus:

Theory 1: Bill Gates is behind this

Some people who spend too much time on the Internet have discovered patents for the coronavirus. One of these patents is held by the English “Pirbright Institute”. They in turn are supported by the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.

For these same people, this is proof enough that Bill Gates, in relation to the virus, has his fingers in the pie to make even more money with the virus.

Some go so far with their theory that they claim Bill Gates knew about the virus beforehand and or even financed the development in order to profit from it later with the pharmaceutical companies he also supports. This conspiracy theory is mainly carried by supporters of the QAnon movement.

The reality: These patents do exist, but they refer to the complete coronavirus family, but not to the novel virus! Moreover, Bill Gates has indeed supported the patents with his foundation, but at the same time he has pledged millions of dollars for the fight against the virus!

Theory 2: Mobile phone radiation and 5G triggered the virus

The theory sounds absurd, but it really exists. It comes from a certain Ali Erhan, a mechanical engineer who has retrained as an esotericist. He and others are firmly convinced that 5G and the associated cell phone radiation triggered the new virus.

His theory: Wuhan was one of the first cities in the world to use ultra-fast 5G Internet. Erhan believes that the high-frequency microwaves have a tremendous impact on organs and regulatory mechanisms in the human body, which then caused the coronavirus to break out and spread rapidly.

Some of the supporters of this theory go so far as to call 5G a “military weapon,” nationalizing the outbreak of the virus.

Theory 3: The virus is designed to reduce overpopulation and stop an aging population

Unfortunately, this theory also corresponds to the bitter reality. As many know, the 60+ generation in particular is at risk from the virus, and where did it break out? Correct, in China, the most populous country in the world. The perfect template for probably the craziest conspiracy theory you can find on the net!

Christine Lagarde, a French politician, once said coldly and unequivocally, “Old people are a risk for the world economy.”
The virus is supposed to hit mainly the elderly, people who “no longer contribute to society,” no longer go to work, etc. With the virus, if one interprets, then consequently money is to be saved in the pension funds?

In addition to the “fight against aging”, the virus is also intended to stop overpopulation at the same time. Due to this one developed this virus in a Chinese laboratory and spread it afterwards comprehensively and systematically in the country!

The reality: Christine Lagarde counts meanwhile even to the generation 60+, for it thus not really of advantage its own statement. The statement is already somewhat older, but her opinion will probably not have changed. With this statement she wanted to prepare the population for a biochemical attack.

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