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Corona: How influencer intelligence suffers. – How an American influencer created a challenge!

Attention, and as much of it as possible. That was probably the goal of an American influencer when she launched the Corona Challenge.

Corona: How influencer intelligence suffers.
   Reading time: 5 Minutes

Closed schools, curfews, isolated neighboring countries. The corona virus has already drastically changed the entire world and has an impact on our everyday lives. In fact, the topic of corona is currently on everyone’s lips – but one influencer seems to be taking it a bit too literally with her challenge.

In the midst of the worldwide Corona crisis, the Influencer, you can call her directly by name, Ava Louise has launched a new “Challenge”. This challenge consists of visiting a busy restroom and then licking their toilet seats…yum! She seems to have a lot of creativity in her, but pretty dumb creativity. A global crisis is causing insecurities in the world population and this influencer can’t think of anything better? Is this supposed to be her contribution to making the understandable fear go away? This woman and her challenge only underline our image of influencers! Nothing more and nothing less!

Does this stupid idea of hers cause imitators? Yes of course!

Is this challenge dangerous and the virus possibly deadly? Of course!

Did she consider the consequences of her action? No, probably not!

Imitator of the Challenge

One imitator of her toilet seat licking challenge was hospitalized after his action. Diagnosis? Corona! Well, in such a way regarded he is himself to blame, stupidity is punished evenly. These people do not think about the consequences, or even the needed hospital bed and hospital staff! The hospital beds, which were freed specially for Corona patients, are actually meant for old, weak, or risk patients, who become ill at the virus and need urgently assistance, because evenly these humans float by the virus in life danger. Now beds are occupied by low-intelligence, no-nonsense would-be influencers. When you tempt fate until it strikes….

The call of the American reckless Influencer is probably hard to beat in terms of ignorance and unreasonableness. The now ill imitator has probably, as little as all the others, deterred by the possibly fatal danger and must now live with the bitter and painful consequences, because he now gets to feel clearly enough. Karma rules!

Can not be surpassed in disgust

While many people around the world only leave their homes with mouth guards and the demand for disinfectants is constantly increasing, these “would-be influencers” are not particularly interested in topics such as “hygiene” or “infection prevention”!

The toilet seat licking challenge is not only disgusting and vomit-inducing, but above all irresponsible. Time and time again, influencers around the world talk about using their reach to make a piece of the world a better place…And now? Now, in a situation that they could also use for this purpose, this happens? What positive thing can be said about them? Because not only this challenge makes influencers look worse and worse, but also sayings like “Finally no more airplanes in the sky, now the atmosphere can recover again” make us roll our eyes and laugh a bit…Honestly now? You are the ones who constantly travel to beautiful places in the world to deliver content to the community, we hardly believe that you run from Buxtehude to Bali!

Responses from the outside world

The video that Ava Louise, you don’t really want to say her name, uploaded to the video platform TikTok, logically went viral. The blonde, how ironic, reached 12 million views with this disgust challenge video by the end of March alone. This begs the following question: seriously? Haven’t we learned that you only succeed if you get the attention you need??? If people hadn’t just ignored this video from the beginning, even if they humiliated themselves to watch it, maybe there wouldn’t have been any imitators, now there would be more hospital beds free for really important and life-threatening cases. A simple principle actually, but no one in this world has really understood it yet. Now also we report on it, but meanwhile this nonsense is through, now hopefully nobody comes more on such weak-headed ideas and switches its brain and the actually innate common sense on!

Fortunately, if you can say so, the really disgusting video met mainly negative reactions and repulsion, as well as general lack of understanding for the stupidity of the blonde. However, it still does not make it better!

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