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Canvas simply times paint yourself. Easy as pie! A self-experiment by Nicolas Maschke

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For a long time I wondered why all acrylic canvas prints are so expensive, because most of them are just simple prints and not even original. I no longer wanted to buy what everyone can have. Who stands up, standard and printed art, if we are honest?

Own pictures that you have made yourself and then decorate the apartment are unique and invites acquaintances and friends to marvel.

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So I came up with the brilliant idea of just designing my own canvas and this isn’t even hard. You take a canvas. Mine I bought for example on Amazon, plus well a cheap acrylic paint for 7.99 € at “NanuNana.” (A German store that offers cheap items.)

The canvas cost me about 12 €. So far so good, we add it all up roughly, we are at 19.99 €. If we now look at a canvas that we can buy online, then we are at 30 € and usually you still have to calculate the shipping costs, so the purchase in the store was a better option for me.

So, now to the actual idea. For my first canvas I used an old spatula and an old brush. In my opinion, abstract art is about creating something to occupy the head, what should probably represent this image. Therefore, you can use quite a few tools, even roughly speaking a toilet brush. The main thing is unusual, but cheap.

In the end, it’s the result that counts. In full zeal I set up a playlist with the help of my Amazon Echo and I started. Canvas was ready, ok check. First, I made small blobs from the tube on the canvas and mixed them in different directions with the help of the spatula. Easy, right? For white areas, what the spatula could not process or cover, I used a brush for small corrections.

Gradually the picture took shape. My inspiration led me to call the picture “the tornado”. Since the black represented the tornado and the red in turn mixed with the yellows, the damage that a tornado can do. Among other things, fires. For this the red tones.

Whenever I paint a canvas, I let my feelings run free. Colors I combined as I felt right, without thinking long about it.

But now it’s your turn and design your own canvas picture. As you can see, it’s quite simple and not even expensive. If you want to remove more than one canvas and really take off with it, then we recommend using more expensive paint and canvas. This will improve the quality enormously and may increase the price of your canvas.

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