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Bond 007 – An era comes to an end

My name is Bond, James Bond. Probably one of the most famous phrases in the film world. Even if you have never seen a Bond film, you know this sentence! And this year you will hear it again one or the other time.

Bond 007 - An era comes to an end
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Hardly any film will have been as successful over the years as James Bond. And the success story continues, with a new James Bond film. More precisely, the 25th James Bond film. 

“No Time to Die” will hit German cinemas on April 02, 2020 and will provide plenty of action and suspense. But at the same time, this film will be the last film with Daniel Craig as Agent 007. Rumor has it that in the future, or at least in the next film, a female actress will take on the role of 007. To date, however, this has not been confirmed, only that Daniel Craig will leave his post after this film.

NO TIME TO DIE Trailer – In Cinemas October 2021

The plot

James Bond, Agent 007, actually wants to enjoy his newfound retirement with his partner and lead a stinking normal life. Due to an incident, however, the relationship ends abruptly and Bond returns to his old life. Goodbye normal guy, hello Agent 007! Immediately he is supposed to help MI6 rescue a kidnapped scientist and save him. 

However, as it was to be expected, everything turns out differently than expected and planned, so that this case turns out to be probably Bond’s most difficult case. This case is much more insidious and dangerous than any other before it. And unexpectedly, a villain known to Bond is pulling the strings in the background.

Also, the past James Bond film “Spectre”, released in 2015 in German cinemas, is revisited in this part, in which old familiar enemies from that part reappear and complicate Bond’s investigation and mission. 

Agent 007 can this case, because of all the incidents and incidents, but from a certain point can no longer carry out alone and must, among other things, fall back on the help of a double zero agent.

Also with the 25th Agent 007 movie it will be anything but boring, and until the release it is also not so long away. 

Another detail is also already known now. In the past movies, world-famous artists say the title song. In “Skyfall” it was Adele with the song of the same name, in “Spectre” Sam Smith with “Wirsings on the Wall”. But, who has the honor in the year? She is just of age, probably the most famous newcomer of the last year and known for songs like “Bad Guy” or “Burry a Friend” : Billie Eilish!

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