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Birds of Prey- The Emancipation of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn- seduced by the Joker. Now she fights her way through the breakup on both feet and into her new life as a superhero!

Birds of Prey- The Emancipation of Harley Quinn
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What to do when you are fresh out of a relationship? What to do when, due to various aspects, you can do nothing but give up your relationship and break up? This is probably what happened to Harley Quinn at the end of her relationship with the Joker, and shortly after. Even though she doesn’t come across as a typical woman, in this aspect she resembles one or the other more than we think. At least at the beginning! 

In the “Suicide Squad” spin-off, Harley Quinn returns to the screen as an anti-hero to form a superhero team with the Birds of Prey.

Theatrical release is 06.February 2020!

The plot

Crime never sleeps in Gotham City! Harley Quinn knows this best, since she fell for the Joker as a therapist. By him, during the time, she was betrayed, tortured and finally transformed into his most loyal companion. But the “happiness” did not last forever. After some time, in the period after “Suicide Squad” Harley finally begins, by what trigger is not clear, to think about the Joker, her past and her time with him. Ultimately, she comes to the conclusion that she must separate herself from him in order to be the person she wants to be deep in her heart.

According to Harley Quinn, as you can see him trailer, she and the Joker “totally agree on that!” But such a separation hurts, so you can see Harley in the trailer completely desperate and frustration sitting on her couch…But Harley Quinn would not be Harley Quinn, if she would not quickly get back on her feet. 

At first she feels quite safe in Gotham City and she keeps her separation from the Joker a secret from Gotham’s underworld. But soon she finds out that quite a few people want her dead. Without further ado, Harley gathers the “Birds of Prey” to fight evil, especially those who are against the emancipation of women.

The backgrounds

After the predecessor “Suicide Squad” was received very controversially by the audience, those responsible at Warner decided it was time to take a new path. At the forefront: Margot Robbie. She not only takes on the role of Harley Quinn, and thus the protagonist, but also the role of producer at the same time. And with her, they probably landed an absolute bull’s eye, because she not only brought a new approach to the film set, but also enforced a pretty tough R-rating. 

In general, the film is supposed to be aimed at an adult audience, which can already be dimly seen in the age limit of 16. At the same time, this film reflects absolute female power! Not only are there exclusively women in the main roles, but also the soundtrack is exclusively occupied by female artists!

The comic backgrounds go back to the 90s, where the former Batgirl put together a female heroine squad!

The cast

  • Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie
  • Huntress: Mary Elizabeth Instead
  • Black Canary: Yurt Smollett-Bell
  • Black Mask: Ewan McGregor
  • and many more (…)
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