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Barbies: Influencers made of plastic!?

Whether toy from childhood, or not. Everyone knows the Barbie doll. Meanwhile, these dolls are also artfully staged on Instagram, with thousands of subscribers. But can Barbies be called “influencers”?

Barbies: Influencers made of plastic!?
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Barbies – everyone knows them. Whether you played with such dolls as a child or not. Also known are people like Sophia Vegas, who emulate the ideals of Barbie dolls and put themselves under the knife.

What may be new is that not only people can be “influencers”, but also these plastic dolls, dolls with extremely unrealistic body dimensions. Can Barbie dolls earn money as “influencers”, well, rather the people behind them?

Plastic dolls as a concept for success

Can you create influencers with Barbies? Barbies with their own Instagram account with several thousand followers are already quite reminiscent of real influencers.

The dolls are used to stage activities and situations visually and upload them to the social media platform, which is also similar to “real” influencers. However, the Instagram accounts are of course run by real people.

“TruDoku,” a format of the FUNK media group, made a video about this very topic, which is about two sisters who artfully stage Barbies. For them, it all started with a Barbie and her boyfriend.

In the meantime, it has become a whole empire, an extended Barbie family with a luxurious lifestyle. The “life” of the plastic dolls is staged in Instagram posts and stories. The two sisters are hugely successful with their Barbies on Instagram.

Each Barbie of the two has its own “family”, is pregnant, married and so on…The plastic dolls represent the wishful life of the people who stage them. “People really fever there,” said one of the two sisters. (Source:

But can inanimate objects be called “influencers”?

In the video it becomes clear what immense work is behind every single picture. Self-built furniture and houses, self-sewn clothes, self-designed collections…Everything artfully created and staged. In the staging of the dolls, not only a lot of time is invested, but also money, because the “life” of the Barbies should be represented as real as possible.

The said dolls often also take on characteristics that their “makers” possess. The pictures of the dolls are so well staged that some people do not even notice at first glance that it is not a real person. Because that’s exactly the goal: to make the Barbie dolls look like real people. According to the sisters, it doesn’t matter what kind of body the Barbies have.

Nevertheless, for the most part you see the Barbies you know. Barbies with impossible measurements…So is this also a contribution to the unrealistic world that Instagram presents to you?

Some of the Barbie accounts are “fashion bloggers”, for which, as already mentioned, own collections are designed and then sewn themselves. There is an incredible amount of work behind it, in implementation and preparation, for each individual image. Probably even more work than for “real” influencers….

People spend all their free time making things for these dolls and staging their lives….Se themselves at least want the kind of love life the dolls lead.

But instead of surrounding themselves with friends and thus perhaps meeting love, they stage a life with plastic dolls, inanimate objects.

Others, at 21, have children of their own who need a room…Others, at 21, need a room of their own for the barbie worlds.

Despite everything, it is art and the pictures are lovingly staged with a lot of heart and soul. Meanwhile, the accounts of the two sisters no longer exist, we could not find them at least, maybe they are now dedicated to other things and focus on their own lives.

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