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ArtNight – The creative event for everybody!

ArtNight - The creative event for everybody
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“I absolutely can’t paint!” How often have you heard or said this sentence!? At some point you stop counting and at some point this sentence starts to get on your nerves. You can’t paint? “Then get creative in other areas. Start learning an instrument, start writing, or start building something!” The typical answer to a question like that! But, what if you just think you can’t paint? What if you tell yourself that so much that you can’t help but believe it? What if you can paint, but you’ve always just been going about it the wrong way?

Think you can’t paint but would like to? You have a date, but no desire for all the mainstream activities? You need a cool and unusual gift idea so close to Christmas that no one in your family has thought of yet? Then we can help you!

Well well, we can’t, but we know where you can! And isn’t that sometimes almost the same?

ArtNight is a start-up company, founded in 2016, and allows everyone (really everyone!) to become an artist! The motto? Everyone can paint! In everyone the creative vein can be awakened!

Small side info: If the company looks familiar to you: No wonder, because with “ArtNight” the founders also convinced the jurors at “Höhle der Löwen”.

Every company has its vision, so does ArtNight. It is to create an international entertainment program and bring people of all kinds to one place!

At this varied and creative event, you spend an evening on a specific theme. Accompanied by professional regional artists* who will help you with words and deeds and help everyone to create their own work of art! ArtNight is open to everyone, anyone can come, even if you have never done anything in this direction before!

Unlike other companies, ArtNight is not bound to a certain place, but organizes the evenings everywhere in Germany and thus really offers everyone the opportunity to break out of the daily grind for an evening and let yourself go! If you decide to spend such an evening, you can really relax, because: You don’t have to worry about anything! Materials are provided on site, food and drinks are also available on site. What more could you want?

Be creative for 2 hours, drink a glass of wine (or more) and chat with the other participants. The perfect alternative to cinema, theater or restaurant! And in addition still inexpensive! A ticket costs just 34€, which includes: Materials, labor of the staff and artists AND the finished painting!

If you believe the pictures on the Internet, then there is practically a guarantee that everyone can take home a beautiful work of art, because the artwork is painted step by step, under guidance, so that really everyone comes to his personal sense of achievement!

If you are skeptical now and desperately looking for the catch in the whole thing, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. There is nothing wrong with the whole thing. It’s clear that if the event is on a certain theme, everyone will end up going home with the same painting.

So, if you haven’t had a cool idea for Christmas yet, but want to give your loved ones an unforgettable evening, maybe this would be something!

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