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Artist from Germany: Kollegah as “Sexist man alive”

Kollegah als “Sexist man alive”

Frauenrechte, gesellschaftliche Gleichstellung, Gehaltsangleich und vieles weitere..all das sind Dinge, die gerade endlich mal aufgearbeitet werden und für die sich immer mehr Menschen stark machen. Sollte ja auch normal sein, so im 21. Jahrhundert….denkt man zumindest…aber nein.

Artist from Germany: Kollegah as "Sexist man alive"
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Women’s rights, social equality, salary equality and much more…these are all things that are finally being worked on and for which more and more people are standing up. Should also be normal, so in the 21st century….thinks one at least…but no.

There are still influential people who abuse their reach and spread attitudes that are eternally outdated and simply discriminatory. To counter this, EMMA has awarded the “Sexist man alive”, a negative award that no one wants to have. The question is, who got it? No less a man than rapper Kollegah!

One known through songs like “Du bist Boss” or “Alpha”, but most of all
but most of all he is known for his extreme and provocative lyrics and the
and by the, with it accompanying, media scandals that simply take
take no end.

Kollegah is known for his very frequent use of misogynistic and discriminatory
and discriminatory verses in his songs.

“Poor Germany, I’ll fuck your whores”, or “With my right hand I’ll
I’ll jerk off, beat you with the left” … Two lyrics,
that make his attitude and opinion of women more than clear enough.
enough, whereby these two examples are still harmless.
The really extreme, you can not expect anyone.

Can one, straight as a woman, to put up with something like that in the 21st century?
put up with?

NO! EMMA also sees it that way, because this year Kollegah got from the
EMMA – editorial staff the negative award “biggest sexist of the year”.
in the hope to sensitize for this topic and to draw attention to it.
especially to draw attention to it.

But as always, not much is done against the scandalous rapper,
politics, even many women’s rights activists, look the other way, do not want to
do not want to admit it. Kollegah is indeed observed, but it is not
really done anything against him, so that he can practically undisturbed
his very outdated attitudes to the younger generation.
to the young generation.

But Kollegah should have been removed from the stages of the country a long time ago removed from the stages of the country. No, because he is not only
rapper, but also very closely connected with the Abou Chaker clan.
And it is precisely this clan that is known for organized crime and prostitution on the
prostitution on the street. Is that enough of a clear sign
of sexism and discrimination, or is another example needed?
example needed?

Besides with the Abou Chaker clan, the Hells Angels boss has also appeared
Hells-Angels boss appeared more than once in Kollegah’s music videos.
The Hells-Angels are known for the fact that they like to play “security” in brothels.
“Security” play, again living sexism!

For all, who still doubt the justification of the award, here
once again a song quote: “Your chick is ‘ne broken-ass bitch,
Cause I’ll fuck her till her tailbone breaks!”

Ouch…..but this quote proves again that the Negativaward is in very good hands with him! is in good hands!

But Kollegah does not seem to be so really interested in the whole thing…He
reacts ironically and without the necessary bit of intelligence on
his latest achievement.

Similarly also German Rap colleague Farid Bang, who said that he can take home this award next year.
next year this award with home may take…Well,
both are very worthy award winners!

Awards like this one are very important in my personal opinion, because it the presence of sexism in the current century and raise awareness in society.
and raise awareness in society. It sets a sign
that this kind of thing can no longer be tolerated in the 21st century and that
can no longer be tolerated and it is long overdue to do something about it!
is to do something against it!

With that: Congratulations Kollegah! We really hope that you think a little bit in the future when you write new songs!

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