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Art as a cure, is that possible?

Universal, individual, unique, precise and fascinating. These are all descriptions of art. But can art also have a healing effect? Can art help us to cope with psychological problems, stress and other things?

Art as a cure, is that possible?
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Universal, individual, unique, precise and fascinating. These are all descriptions of art. But can art also have a healing effect? Can art help us to cope with psychological problems, stress and other things? Is it really possible that an artistic activity can make us feel better? But what exactly falls under the term “art”, can really everyone be an artist? We have investigated

Art is like humanity – individual. Everyone interprets art differently, everyone sees it with different eyes, it cannot be generalized.

During my research, I kept coming across facts, experiences and experiences that reflect our opinions and also our experiences.

Art as a cure for the soul

I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but art also helps me to cope with a lot, to see things with different eyes and just to relax.

It must be clear to everyone that art is something different for everyone, everyone views art differently and accordingly evaluates it differently.

Nevertheless, the general result is that art helps to create new and unique experiences, just by its “pure precision” (, last call: 10/26/2019).

We can look at things that otherwise seem strange or incomprehensible to us from a different angle, they appear to us in a different light. For example, it helps us with negative thoughts or feelings when we listen to music…Who does not know that, you have a bad day, listen to your favorite music and afterwards you feel better. At least that’s how I feel. While music or a good book helps me, others go to the museum to lose themselves in the works of art on display.

But does art really have healing powers? Is it really possible, through the
active production of art, such as drawing or painting,
to combat psychological problems? YES!

Art, no matter in which way, gives us the possibility to express our
thoughts and feelings with the work of art to clarify and to live out
live out. Art is a place of retreat and also a support for every person.
every human being.

During research, I read a passage that touched me in a certain way, which
touched me in a certain way, which has remained in my mind, which I also
as an essential effect of art. We move
social media platforms every day to connect with people around the world.
people all over the world. Art has the same effect, because
art connects us with each other and the viewer with the artist.
artist. The author of the above linked article
describes this feeling of connection, as an invisible
thread that connects every artist to each other, all over the world.

When one the term “artist” into the room, names come to everyone’s mind that they
Names that they themselves consider to be one come to mind. If one looks at
the biographies of some artists, one quickly notices that many of them are
that many of them had psychological problems, not an easy life.
easy life. Thus suffered for example
Kandinsky or Edvard Munch, for example, suffered from depression, Isa Genzken
Genzken suffered from a bipolar disorder or Jackson Pollock from excessive
excessive alcohol consumption
last accessed Oct. 26, 2019). The artistic activity helped
them to heal these. Yes, active art can be seen as a cure
can be considered.

Both active” art, as well as “passive” art help us to deal with
to be able to deal with problems. So should doctors prescribe more

Also studies, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community
Health”, show that art (drawing, painting, playing a musical instrument, creative writing, etc.) musical instrument, creative writing, etc.) make us happier and healthier. What is interesting here is that men are happier
when they experience culture, i.e. when they visit a concert or a museum,
while for women it is the active artistic activity.

Art can also be compared to a look in the mirror, the viewer sees himself in every work of art. A painting can appear cheerful and enchanting to one person because that viewer is currently in a positive mood. If you show the same painting to a person with opposite feelings and thoughts, he may interpret the work of art with different feelings, see something sad, something desperate in it.

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